May 21 was 'invisible Judgment Day,'

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  • donny

    Does this sound familiar?

    Harold Camping: May 21 was 'invisible Judgment Day,' the REAL Rapture comes on October 21

    The California preacher is back to - once again - insist that the Rapture is coming.

    Harold Camping wasted little time in telling his followers Monday that while he's falsely claimed the world will end twice, this time it'll happen.

    The 89-year-old now says the real Day of Judgment will occur on October 21, and that his claims that the Apocalypse was last Saturday was really just a misunderstanding.

    "We've always said May 21 was the day, but we didn't understand altogether the spiritual meaning," the one-time civil engineer said at the Oakland headquarters of his Family Radio network.

    Camping, who stated unequivocally for months that May 21 would be the end of the world, now claims it was just the day when God decided humanity's fate. But it won't be until October 21 that we are sentenced.

    "God again brought Judgment on the world," the prognosticating pulpiter said during a 90-minute speech aired on his radio stations and online.

    As a result, humanity now has five months before "the whole world will be destroyed."

    Camping added that his network will no longer post billboards about Judgment Day, and his radio network will only play Christian music and programs.

    "The world has been warned," he said. "We don't have to talk about this anymore."

    When Camping predicted the world would end in 1994, he was forced to find a reason for being wrong then. At the time, he dismissed his error as a simple mathematical miscalculation.

    However, his excuses this time did not exactly inspire faith in some who have so eagerly believed in his claims.

    "I've been mocked and scoffed and cursed at" for believing in and promoting Camping and his prediction, said Jeff Hopkins, 52, a former television producer who lives in Great River, N.Y. "Now I've been stymied. It's like getting slapped in the face."

    "I thought he would show some more human decency in admitting he made a mistake," said Josh Ocasion, who works the teleprompter during Camping's live broadcasts in the group's threadbare studio. "We didn't really see that."

    Camping did admit Monday that he was not "infallible," and that his false prediction caused him to re-examine "all of the proofs, all of the signs and everything."

    "If people want me to apologize, I can apologize yes," he told reporters after his speech. "I'm not a genius."

    The preacher also added that while so many of his followers donated money, in some cases everything they owned, to his ministry in belief that the world would end last Saturday, they won't get it back.

    "Why would we return it?" Camping said, arguing that the world is still going to end in October.

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I just saw a brief blurb on TV and started to laugh and told my husband that's what JW's say. the invisible jesus came 1919 and chose JW's... he just looked at me like I had two heads...

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    New light

  • skeeter1

    Rule #1 of the cult playbook ofr dummies - The follower/leadership speaks for God (and therefore can not be wrong).

    So, any cult leader can NEVER admit he was wrong. He can change the failed prediction or blame it on the follower's misunderstanding. But, he can never admit he was wrong. Only if the leader is caught red handed in a sin - then he will say, "I am an imperfect messenger of God." But, for actual predictions - he can't be wrong.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    "I'm not a genius."

    I disagree. He has a very keen grasp of human nature and how to exploit it for financial gain:

    The preacher also added that while so many of his followers donated money, in some cases everything they owned, to his ministry in belief that the world would end last Saturday, they won't get it back.
  • leavingwt

    It's closer than ever! Just around the corner!

  • watson

    Hilarious..good catch Donny.

  • undercover

    I'm digging all this...

    Go right ahead Mr. Camping. You prophesy your new light. Spread far and wide the upcoming apocolypse and how Judgement day was invisible.

    Every move he is making is right out of the cult playbook. A playbook that is eerily similar to the WTS playbook. Oh, wait... the WTS/JWs is a cult. Different team, same league.

    The exposure Camping gets only helps to expose other "doomsday" cults. It also causes journalists to dig into US history to see what other groups had similar prophecies. I've already seen a couple of post Judgement Day articles, from respectable outlets, that have lumped JWs/WTS in the failed doomsday prophecy groups.

    Of the JWs that I know, they have taken delight in denouncing Camping and his judgement day. They have laughed with us skeptics, cynics, the rational and atheists even at how crazy Camping is. But now, in the aftermath, as the world continues to laugh at Camping and compare him to other failed movements, the JWs will see themselves mentioned with the other crazies who preached the end of the world. While they laughed at Camping because they thought they had a better inside line on "the truth", the exposure of Camping can turn on them as well.

    The cynics, skeptics and the rational are still laughing and will continue to laugh. This continued exposure will hopefully embarrass individual JWs however. Hopefully they'll cease to find the humor in the situation and start worrying about being seen as crazy as Camping. The organization will ignore it as best as possible, but the individual JW will be stung and hopefully some will see the correlation between Camping's prophesying and their own preaching.

  • dgp

    A friend posted this on Facebook and I'm sharing it:

  • sd-7

    I felt a horrible chill pass through me last night when I read Camping's concept of an invisible Judgment Day. It made me think...even if the Borg completely disintegrated, how many more Borg would rise in its place? It makes me think that it is pointless to fight them. I only hope that 100 years from now, more people will be more informed, and there will be a massive move towards reason and logic above all things. Wishful thinking.

    But this identical situation should open the eyes of JWs who read the news carefully enough. I actually read one article where they quoted Steve Hassan. Good to see his name out there, hopefully more people will read his work and be as informed as possible about mind control.

    It's literally pains me to see this happening as if the Watchtower has rebooted itself in a different form. It feels like a sick, alternate reality to me.

    And this charlatan feels no duty to return the funds he cheated people out of? Where's Robin Hood when we need him? Though this guy may be a true believer, after all, he can't buy himself more time and his time is running out in this world, I just have this feeling that it was just another scam. I'm a little too naive even now, so I'm putting it lightly there.

    I'm sorry I've wasted so much of my life because of people like him.


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