Pension funds and the end of the world

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  • losthobbit

    Ignore this if it's been asked a thousand times before, but what's the policy on pension fund contributions?

    Do JW's tend to contribute towards pension funds, knowing the world's about to end?

    Theoretically they would take out the biggest loan they can afford, not expecting to ever pay it back.

    Talking about the end of the world... when's the next one due? (an approximation is fine)

  • moshe

    My ex-wife, took the JW view that she didn't need to worry about retirement. She signed over her rights to my pension back in 1989 when she divorced me and 10 years later when she left her nursing job at the hospital (not attending KH at that point) she cashed in and spent her 401 retirement account.

  • diamondiiz

    The end is very soon so don't worry about the pension in this system likewise going to school and getting a degree is a waste of time as the end is near. That's all you need to know. generally, overextending oneself in debt is not what jws usually do and I don't think many do so because of the end of the world is so close. This has happened around 1975 and hasn't happened since on such a scale since there wasn't another major date published by wts BUT if there is another date I wouldn't be shocked if more jws jumped in and bought the most expensive home they could prior to the Big A. While that would not be blessed by wts, the selling of one's home and donating to wts and pioneering surely would be blessed by the crooks from Brooklyn.

    added: there is no next date but it's "very near." Some may read into that as 2014 and others may reason 120 years from 1914 maybe the date similar to Noah's timetable but it's soon. Also to add on pension, most cotribute to government pension since they have no choice, and few save extra for the future but many are lower middle class or poor so they don't have the extra cash to save for the future.

  • sinis

    In theory (and in tangible), mathematical, logical, sets theory, etc. the planet only has a few more decades before population and demand truely model exponential growth, while resources (food, energy, etc.) take a nose dive - in some aspects we are already there. So yes, life as we currently know it is changing, and not for the better.

  • losthobbit

    Thanks for your comments.

    Sinis... it bugs me that so many people either don't realize what you just said, or don't care. The current system is completely unsustainable... one of the reasons I support the Zeitgeist Movement.

  • blondie

    How is this different than putting money in a savings account. I have a pension account that I can withdraw from anytime with some penalties. So how is that any different. I never saw that the WTS ever suggested spending every dime you have or charging up your credit cards to the max because the end is near. I have known some individual jws that had that concept. Now the WTS will not provide a pension for the COs, DOs, special pioneers or Bethelites because they view serving God is service for life, not to be retired from.

    Rather than suggesting that jws not have retirement plans or life insurance, they have said this in regard to donations to the WTS:

    *** w94 12/1 p. 19 How Some Make Donations to the Kingdom-Preaching Work ***INSURANCE: The Watch Tower Society may be named as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or in a retirement/pension plan. The Society should be informed of any such arrangement.

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