Videos. Real Life Emotional Abuse

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  • Pig

    Homescooled mental woman emotionally abuses her child.

    I thought these videos are interesting and I think allot of you will relate.

    Watch how this women asks questions repeatedly until she gets the correct answer

    she wont let her kid complete a full sentence

    She repetedly says "I love you" "we so happy" and "happy homeschooled boy"

    In one of the more disturbing videos a next doot neighbour kid comes over and she reads the note from his mum asking her to stay away from him. She films the whole thing after being warned of police involvement.

    Very similar to how TWS works

  • luna2

    You have to sign into YouTube and verify that you are over 18 to view this stuff. I can't remember my log in info, so I can't look at it. Must be pretty bad.

  • RagingBull

    Nevermind... they took it down for violations.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Pig, your latest videos are the tits.

    I watch them 47 times a day.

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