So I just had my Circuit Assembly...

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  • Knowsnothing

    Guess what guys? They are starting to fear Apostasy! It was mentioned a couple of times.

    One of the "bird-catcher traps" teaching in previous years, added 3 new "traps used by Satan".

    1.) Apostasy (yep, first priority )

    2.) Materialism..... (never heard that one, actually not sure on these last 2...)

    3.) Some other crap... didn't pay attention

    Anywho, the brother giving the talk said this astonishing thing....

    "Apostates don't speak against Jehovah or Jesus Christ, they speak bad about the organisation"

    I was like, wtf! You've nailed it!

    And then he just proceeded to say, "Brothers, apostacy is poison".

    He also spoke about everyone how humans are naturally curious. He then proceeded to twist things and say, "well of course we are naturally curious, but why would you want to try poison?"

    I think too, that with his statement, he set-up a pre-emptive attack, so that whoever may have curiosity on apostacy will see exactly what he said, that apostacy harps on the "organisation". One thing is for sure, it looks like apostacy is hitting, and hitting them where it hurts.

    Good job JWN!

    BTW, more obey the slave crap. I'm soooo totally over this religion, mentally at least.

  • sd-7

    So they acknowledge that so-called 'apostates' aren't actually speaking against God? Well, since the organization and God are practically equal, that statement will still highlight the 'danger' involved. For me, I would've thought, well, without the organization, there is no God, really, so to undermine that would be to undermine God anyway. Clever ruse employed by those mentally diseased, smuggling, thieving wolves...


  • agonus

    WOW. Quite astonishing that they would acknowledge from the platform that the "apostasy" they rail against is not apostasy from Jehovah or Jesus but rather the organization and yet still label it "poision".

    I guess that pretty well shows who is really top dog in the Tower.

  • LostGeneration

    Org=Jehovah to most JWs, so it really doesn't matter what they say "apostates" are speaking against.

    We understand the difference but a mind controlled JW equates the two.

  • Knowsnothing

    Yep Lost. I'm just glad I can finally catch their language. I finally understand what they are really saying.

    I think this assembly mentioned organisation more that it did Jehovah.


  • blondie

    "Apostates (JEREMIAH, ISAIAH) don't speak against Jehovah (or Jesus Christ,) they speak bad about the ISRAELITE organisation"

  • designs

    If you have family that are still in expect some hard discussions.

  • Satanus

    So then, by the ot, apostates are really prophets sent by god to correct his org. Gawd, i'm starting to sound like lars.


  • agonus

    Yeah, when Lars starts making sense, you know your religion is REALLY screwed...

  • punkofnice

    @Knowsnothing = 3.) Some other crap... didn't pay attention

    This was the best move you could make! But don't worry. All you missed was: 'Do more or god will kill you. Give us your money. The GB are higher than god. Do more. Do more. Do more or god will lovingly kill you.......Soon (Subject to overlapping!'

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