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    Juan Viejo2

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this:

    As many of you know, I've been reporting and researching on the takeover scandal at the Menlo Park Kingdom Hall. There is much more to report on this case, which I will as soon as possible, but I've been asked to hold off for a bit while some things sort themselves out.

    Two requests:

    1. Can anyone point me to three or more Kingdom Halls in the USA that have recently been taken over, shutdown, or combined where the existing elders were basically fired and maybe disgraced. I've heard from an anonymous contact located in Western Pennsylvania that this type of thing has happened there and also in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Unfortunately, the information was only "a tip" and no specific locations could be provided to me or other contacts.

    Richard Rawe, a well-known ex-JW elder from Washington state, experienced a situation like this, but his story dates back to the early 1990s. I'd like to hear something more current.

    2. I've received a tip that a congregation in or near Sacramento, CA actually VOTED DOWN a proposed replacement or change in their Kingdom Hall. I do not have any specific information, but it seems to be similar to the Menlo Park situation, but the locals stood up to the RBC / WTBS and voted down a proposed merger or replacement. The rumor is that the RBC backed off, possibly because they did not want to have another Menlo Park scandal to deal with.

    I'm located in Oregon, but travel to northern California frequently. If anyone knows about this case, or another similar situation, please contact me via PM or by email at [email protected] Any help would be greatly appreciated. I guarantee your total anonymity if you choose to assist me.

    Thanks everyone! I've had a lot of help through this forum that I can never pay back, especially on the Menlo Park story. I expect a major turn of events in June (2011) in connection with that ongoing court case.


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