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  • Damosa

    Just a shortie to say hi as a newbie and thanks to all for the encouragement this site brings. I have found a new and good way to fade, not having been to a meeting now for 8 months, it was triggered by a meet with a local elder who seemed to be playing the same record I had listened to in 1966 when I was baptised. Gb is recommending put marriage and having children plans on hold as there cant be long to go, amd forget college .

    I am now living in the philippines having left good old UK where I am married to a Filly who has a Catholic backgound but hardly practising. Living in a beautiful rainforest I just havent any inclination to return to meetings and with no elders hassling me or 'friends' on the phone to pressure me ,so am out of it and mentally healthier, thinking of writing a life history of how it all happened and when the delusion set in, Garry Bussell got it right when he says the slide starts when a realisation hits you that something is wrong as 1975 was the catalyst in my case. Especially when I was building a new home and a ' mature' bro calls me to say he has sold up everything and is living with his family in a RV and tent putting Jah first when I am building my panelled house ? He had apoplexy when I said to him it aint going to happen in your or my life time !

    May this site help many others to wake up to real life as it has me and many of my family

  • Retrovirus

    Welcome, Damosa!

    I'm a non-jw with friends and family "in", and I'm seeing that the jws are getting more and more hard line about education etc.

    Congratulations on your successful fade and I envy you the rainforest!

    Retro, from Australia

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