How do i come out of this DAMN closet???

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  • TimothyT

    Hi everyone.

    Its been 3 months since accepting my sexuality. Im now very happy, im getting to know a lovely guy and im becoming more and more open about who I am.

    Within the congregation, im slipping away rapidly, and to be quite frank i couldnt care less what they think.

    There is only one issue in my mind - the response from my dad when i tell him that i am gay. He is the only JW who's opinion realy matters to me.

    He knows already that i have no interest in continuing with this rather opressive religion, but sometime soon i want to tell him the full reason why - my sexuality.

    Im sick of lying now. Id rather just be open and honest with myself and with those around me and with those i care for.

    How can i tell him? Any ideas?


    Timmy XXX

  • jgnat

    I'm not even going to pretend to know the answer on this one. My gay friend says the transition is tough, to build relationships in the gay community and get ideas from them.

    Kind of sounds like the transition out of the Watchtower society, doesn't it? With the requisite shunning and breaking of family ties.

    The reward you get, of course, is to be fully you.

  • boyzone

    Hi Tim

    thats a toughie. How do you think your father would react to the news? Is he a very hardline JW or does family come first? Would his position as an elder or MS be affected by the news? Or would the "damaged reputation he would have to deal with in the eyes of the congregation affect the way he treats you?

    Only you know how important these things are to him, and therefore only you know how he might react. But whatever you decide, you are being true to yourself and that is ALWAYS a good thing in the long term.


  • jay88

    There is nothing to reveal until you are in a relationship,...... or you have a good support system

  • moshe

    He'll figure it out in due course- let your Dad make the first move for a discussion.

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