Faithful Slave chosen in 1874

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    Ultimate Reality

    As further proof that the 'slave's' appointment taking place in 1918/1919 is a bunch of non-sense and internally inconsistent with the Society's own claims, they (that is, what became the slave) did not even know they were appointed in 1919. In the early 1920's, they thought Russell was the Slave and that he had been appointed by Christ (as added proof of his heavenly presence) in the 1870s.

    From the Harp of God , Chapter 9, ( 1921 Edition ):

    "...We mark a wonderful fulfillment of this statement of the Lord as further corroborative proof of the Lord's second presence from 1874 forward . He had said, in answer to the question relative to his second presence : "Who then is a faithful and wise servant , whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods."—Matthew 24:45-47.

    "[417]About 1870 Charles Taze Russell , of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, then a truly consecrated Christian and a careful student of God's Word, learned from the Scriptures that God has a great and harmonious plan for the salvation and blessing of mankind. Like other earnest watchers, he was watching for the evidences of the Lord's coming. About 1875, while carefully and prayerfully studying the Scriptures, he became convinced of the Lord's second presence, resulting in his writing and publishing a booklet entitled, "The Object and Manner of Our Lord's Return," which had a phenomenal circulation amongst the Christian people of the world. In 1879 he began the publication of a journal, The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence , which has since been issued regularly twice each month. This is the first and only publication that for more than forty years has announced the second presence of the Lord. This journal is devoted exclusively to discussion of Scriptural questions, being the means of carrying the food to the household of faith in due season."

    After describing the many books Russell published, the Harp of God author concludes:

    "[420] Without a doubt Pastor Russell filled the office for which the Lord provided and about which he spoke, and was therefore that wise and faithful servant, ministering to the household of faith meat in due season . Pastor Russell finished his earthly course in 1916."

    Today, all those late 19th century dates have been thrown out as has the idea that Russell was the Slave. Yet, supposedly the Faithful Slave, as a body of specially chosen Christians (not Russell) knew exactly when Christ's Presence began and by extension when they were 'inspected' and 'appointed'. The modern Governing Body slave-members currently claim:

    "Those without spiritual understanding today have felt that there has been no "striking observableness" with regard to the sign of Jesus' presence. They reason that everything is continuing on as it did in the past. (2 Pet. 3:4) On the other hand, Christ's faithful anointed brothers , the modern-day John class, have recognized this sign as if it were a flash of lightning and have understood its true meaning . As a class, these anointed ones make up the modern-day "generation" of contemporaries that will not pass away "until all these things occur." - The Watchtowe r, February 15, 2008, p. 24

    However, based on the comments from the 1921 Harp of God , after the flash of lighting struck them in 1918/1919, they still did not recognize nor understand 'the sign'. Further, the Society would have us believe the Slave has always been clearly identified and would, obviously, know its own identity and be aware that it itself passed the 'inspection' after 1914. In typical WT-Orwellian fashion, the 1940 edition of the Harp of God removed all references to Russell as the Slave.

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    Have you been watching the HBO series on Pope Borgia, its kinda like that.

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    Contrast this to the 7/15/13 Watchtower...

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    Now that is a great find. Blows it all the frak out of the water. You sunk my theological Battleship!


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