charity project vrs jw project

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  • seenitall

    I have been doing several charity projects lately and weighed the differences between doing them and volunteering on jw projects.

    1. jw projects - so many rules on what to wear, no creative personal input asked for, no real signs of true appreciation for giving efforts, general laziness of many volunteers, power & ego trips of overseers, no real recognition for sacrifices made.

    2. worldly events - recognition, true feelings expressed openly by many, creative expressions encouraged, no power struggles on who is in charge, free giving and acceptance of any effort given for the cause.

    3. the demonizing of the charity or project as worldly and worthless by the org / jw.

    4. slander, backbiting and gossip spread if any jw does any worldly charity work.

    5. My observation was that I felt refreshed, respected and yes - even loved more doing these projects a hundredfold more than over 40 years slaving on rbc, kh, bethel and other jw projects.

    anyone else having exp or comments?

  • chickpea

    i mostly agree with your observations
    in that volunteerism in the real world
    is so much more rewarding than the
    working with JWs... depending on the
    actual circumstances and participants
    you will find that there are some of
    those negative qualities out there
    amongst worldlies... the "big fish in
    a little pond" syndrome is not exclusive
    to the "overseers"

    but by and large....
    DEF more rewarding volunteer outside the b0rg

  • CoonDawg

    I have found, since leaving the dubs, that charity work helps me feel fullfilled. I can't emphasize enough how important charity work is to me. It was one of the things that I felt as glaringly lacking in the JW organization. I am glad to now be able to share in working with charities without thoughts of what others might think about it.

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