What Makes Our Lives So Crazy?

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    What makes our lives so crazy? Who is responsible...God or maybe other people? What if we chose our stories, our own personal play ahead of time? What if we did all this before we were ever born? Just like an actor, who picks out his next movie role. What if we have chosen the lovers, our parents and our children, in our personal screen play? What if we have chosen to play ALL these roles in the past...many times? WHY would we keep coming back to this insanity, this drama?

    Monday, May 18, 2011

    Why we like a good story

    So if we are immortal spirits (never die) what do you do with all that eternity? Eternity is a long time. It's hard for our minds to even understand the concept of forever. In fact there really is no such thing as time. Another thing our brains can't get a grip on. Since there is no way for us to really understand this, let's talk as if time does exist. The vast majority of the time, we are in spirit and not in physicality. So what do you do as a spirit? Sit around in Heaven and play the harp? Advance to some level, so you don't ever have to incarnate ever again? Do you reach perfection and glow forever in Nirvana? Met God and play chest? Just what "in the Hell" do you do with all that time in perfection?

    Maybe that's it! You visit Hell on Earth TV.

    Well let's back up. The general consensus is, if there is a "Heaven" that everything there would be perfect. That means no problems, no drama, no hunger or pain (no body) no misery. Sounds like perfection could be a little boring. NO WAY, you say! I'll take boring any day over my life now.

    Maybe not.

    The one thing all mankind has in common, is we all like a good story. Think about it we spend a lot of our time listening to, or tell stories. What we want are really good stories...the juicier the better, full of love, hate. laughter and lots of drama.

    No, that doesn't sound good to you?

    Most people get up in the morning and turn on the news...they what a good juicy news story. Riots in France...that's interesting stuff! Then they go to work and they talk to their work mates. Hay, Sam...what's going on? Well, haven't you heard what happen to Jennifer last night? No, give me the dirt! Then they go home and talk to their mates. Hay...what happen at work today? After dinner they pick up a book which is a story, or they turn on TV...which are more stories, informational stories, or they watch a sitcom, which is a half hour story, or they watch a movie...which is a 2 hour story. The stories never end.

    Yes, everyone loves a good story. The more drama the better. They love to watch drama, they just don't want too much of it in their own lives. That's right...they want to sit on their couch with their beer in their hand and watch the Titanic sink with all the mayhem...the love ...the death.

    One of the fun things to do in Heaven is to tune in to the 6 billion stories of the people here on Earth (Earth TV) There you can sit and watch one of the craziest shows in the universe. If you want conflict and drama, if you want duality. Look at this place. You got the whole male female thing, different nationalities, politics, thousands of different religions....stir in 6 billion stupid people...Wow! now you have one of the universe's biggest craziest parties!

    So you say it doesn't feel like a party to me. Is "your story" not fun?

    What if I told you everything in your life is perfect! What if I told you that everything that is happening to you in "your story" is happening for a reason. What if I told you that in "your story" you are the writer, director, producer...and leading character too!

    No way you say!

    Anyway let's get back to heaven were spend most of our time. There we are, with our friends. Let us call them our soul group. This is a group of spirits we like to travel and do things with. Our true soul mates. So you and a couple of your friends are watching some insanity on "Earth TV." Your watching the "Nazis Concentration Camp" channel. One of you friends says "See that guy down there in the camp who is stealing his best friend's soup?....You would do the same thing to me if you were in that his place!" You say "No way, I would die first" He says " Not only that, you would betray me too!"

    It's easy to talk big in Heaven were everything is perfect. "I would do this or that" or "I would never let you down. I will never betray you. I will always love you." The only way to know what you would do in any given story or situation is to be in it. Talk is cheap. It's time to put up or shut up.

    So the next thing to do is pick the cast and write the script. How else can we find out about one of the biggest mysteries in the universe and that is, just WHO are we and WHY do we do the things we do. You must feel the story is real for this to happen. You must become unconscious for it to work. Why do you think most babies are crying when they are born? You would be crying too if you just left Heaven and got dropped in a body not knowing were or who you are.

    So, just like and actor looking for his next good role, there we are. Like all good actors we take on different characters . Sometimes we are the heroes, sometimes we are the villains . Sometimes male, sometimes female. Sometimes the victim sometimes the victimizer . It really doesn't matter if we are here for 70 or 80 years, in this crazy place called Earth school. That's only a snap of the fingers in eternity.

    Sure it's fun it to watch "Earth TV" but sometimes you need to get of the couch. What's more fun watching someone on a ride at Disneyland or being on the ride yourself?

    Don't get me wrong this not a walk in the park. Of the hundreds of thousand of places to incarnate to, Earth is one of the toughest! Did you think there was only one place to go to? There are lots of different places and lots of different life forms to become. That's what so much fun about eternity , plenty of time to do it all.

    Next up Karma

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