“REMAIN CLOSE TO JEHOVAH!” 2010 District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses [AUDIO STREAM]

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    The Drawing Near To God Is Good for Me.”- Psalm 73:28


    Chairman’s Address: Why Must We Remain Close to Jehovah

    Conventions Help us to Stay Close to Jehovah

    The Son Is Willing to Reveal Him

    Symposium: Imitate Those Who Maintained Intimacy With Jehovah:

    • Abraham
    • Ruth
    • Hezekiah
    • Mary

    Keynote Address: How Jehovah Draws Close to Us


    Answers to Questions about Jehovah

    Let Jehovah's Discipline Mold You

    Never Become Enraged Against Jehovah

    Symposium: Communication Helps Families Stay Close to Jehovah

    • Jehovah, the Great Communicator
    • Husbands, Communicate With Your Wives!
    • Wives, Communicate With Your Husbands!
    • Parents, Communicate With Your Children!
    • Children, Communicate With Your Parents!

    Feature: Creation Reveals ‘the Living God’!

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    “His Intimacy Is With the Upright Ones” - Proverbs 3:32


    Symposium: Help People ‘Become Reconciled to God’

    • Alienated and Hopeless
    • He Put the Question to Them
    • Fulfill Your Role as an Evangelizing
    • Assistant
    • Win Them Over by Fine Conduct
    • Zealously Persevere in Your Efforts

    Full-Time Service Strengthens Your Relationship With Jehovah

    For Those Loving Jehovah, There Is No Stumbling Block

    Baptism Talk : Having Come to Know God - What Now?


    Symposium: Allow Nothing to Distance You From Jehovah

    • Satan’s Subtle Efforts
    • Pride
    • Money
    • Health
    • Career
    • Recreation
    • Family
    • Technology

    Special Sound Drama: Do Not Give Out When Corrected by Jehovah

    Stay Close to Jehovah, as Jeremiah Did

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    “To Jehovah ... You Should Cleave” – Habakkuk 2:3


    Symposium: Appreciating Jehovah’s Endearing Personality

    • Approachable
    • Empathetic
    • Appreciative
    • Generous
    • Impartial
    • Forgiving
    • Reasonable
    • Loyal

    Public Talk: How Can You Draw Close to God?

    Summary of the Weekly Watchtower Study


    DRAMA: Walk by Faith and Not by Sight - the Flight of Christians from Jerusalem

    Remain ‘in the Secret Place of the Most High’

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    Awww sweety most of us leave Bro. Steve alone because we don't want his Elders picking on him (forcing him to remove his collection)

    Several posters here are also associated with his group but the audios from his collection are usually downloaded and then reuploaded using sendspace or other file hosting service.

    He is at a different point in his JW journey (though closer to us then he is ready to personally admit) and his audio collection is very very very valuable to both communities.......Thus we try to show some respect in distancing JWN from him.

    I appreciate your efforts and intentions!

    (and Bro. Steve when you read this... heartfelt huggles)

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    ugh, I started downloading this until I realized it was LAST YEAR'S con. FYI

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