Reinstated in order to have a relationship with family members?

by 21stcenturywoman 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • 21stcenturywoman

    How many people have been reinstated solely to have a relationship with your family? If you doubt and/or disagree with the "organization", how does it feel to be back?

  • yknot

    Most who go that route do so with a solid goal in mind on intiating a fade into inactivity after a set amount of time.

    Others don't mind the routine and become 'weak' Witnesses with very lax attendance...... (gotta show up for CO visit)

  • chrisjoel

    I tried to go back for my son first, since he used always ask me to get reinstated..then also for my family. After 14 yrs I started to go to the meetings. I felt like i wanted to run outside and start blasting heavy metal music back into my brain ,which is what i always did when i got into my car...Tried to go back but just couldnt do it. Elders were somewhat suspicious when they found out that i got dfd for causing divisions ...they didnt reinstate me after 6 months saying that i had to attend ALL THE MEETINGS....worked shifts so couldnt go to all meetings, thank god, and ended up not attending anymore. Just a complete turnoff to my system and my brain... If my family wants to talk to me they have my number. fortunately, 3 yrs later my son himself got dfd ......whew!

  • 21stcenturywoman

    @ chrisjoel, great story!

  • Gayle
    Gayle states about a 1/3 DF'd are reinstated. Suspect that most is because of family, then most of those in time fade out or long term inactive.

  • FollowedMyHeart

    My dad got reinstated for my younger sisters. He and my mom are divorced. He saw my sisters while they were growing up thanks to court ordered visitations. However, when the older of the 2 sisters turned 18 (she was also baptised by then) and no longer required by law to see my dad, she stopped going. My dad was afraid of the same thing happening with the younger sister so he worked on getting back in so he could help them. He had never stopped believing the Witnesses had the "truth", but was never very strong, either. I think he only goes to the meetings. I can't imagine him going out in service. Especially since he rarely, if ever, went out when I was growing up.

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