May 2011 - Our Kingdom Ministry (spanish)

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  • pubtruth

    Sorry for those who do not know spanish, but it's the only KM I have access to.

    Talks about Aux pioneering in the summer (ref. organized pp. 112-113 Requirements)

    Detailed Introductions (Rs pg. 9)

    Ways to Preach: Magazines (based on Organized p 96 paragrah 4 to 97 par 2)

    Have you tried it yet? (Going over past KMs about the Watchtower "Door ministudy" (pg 16 of each))

    Effective Investigation based on (Benefit pp. 33-38)

    How to use form s-43 (Please Visit)

    Effective teaching (2 part service meeting portion on may 16 and june 6)

    Follow the link to the searchable PDF below:

  • stillajwexelder

    Nothing new here then - they will do the 30hr thing next memorial for certain.

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