The Serpent of Life and Wisdom

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    Rather than trying to make sense of the Bible as it is written (which is impossible), it's very helpful to consult the mythical source of it all. "Myth" does not mean "fairy tale" or "BS", it means an allegory that is attempting to convey wisdom as only a metaphor can. That being said, having done extensive research into these allegories and myths, the following rings very true to me. What say you?


    The caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols. You might best know this symbol as the DNA structure and healing used by the medical profession. Since ancient Mesopotamia the caduceus presented two serpents intertwined (the central nervous system) around a staff (the spinal column) with the wings (the "swan") on either side (the two hemispheres of the brain, with the circle in the center representing the pineal gland, or the central sun and psychic center within). It also symbolized the kundalini energy.

    This was originally the symbol for the Sirian-Anunnaki creator god, Enki, (the Archetype) who was the chief of the magicians, "the one who knows," and infamous for being the serpent of the Garden of Eden (the great laboratory in So. Iraq), who helped create life forms in test tubes half a million years ago. Biblical writers called the healing serpent Nehushtan. The Hebrew word for serpent is "nahash." The root of the word are the Hebrew letters Nun, Het and Shin, which means "to guess."

    In India, the "nagas" were the serpent gods/goddesses. In the Americas there was Quetzalcoatl and Coatlicue. The entire world has worshipped the serpent for its wisdom, but ironically, it was not really about snakes at all - unless you feel you have to "guess" what a snake is up to! Why was the snake chosen? For its cleverness, ability to survive in the harshest of environments, and again, its shape resembling the flow of energy up the spine. And perhaps because it naturally instilled a bit of caution or awe in people.

    The serpent always represented wisdom, life and healing. It was not considered an evil being until much later days in the Christian and Jewish religions. Enki transferred the power of the caduceus to his son Ningishzida (Thoth), the healing god, and then to others of his family because it was a code for the bloodline of Enki's heritage.

    The story of the serpent becoming an evil symbol began with the wars between Enki (Adonai) and his Pleiaden brother, Enlil (Jehovah). These conflicts began at birth and had to do with birthright to the royal throne of the Nibiruan civilization in which their father, Anu, was the leader. This story later was reflected in Cain and Abel, and all the stories throughout your times of brothers competing for power.

    Although there was love between Enki and Enlil, they were used by Anu for his own power game. The brothers often did not see eye to eye on many issues, especially when it came to supporting human beings. Enlil never had patience or compassion for people, and on several occasions, Sodom and Gemmorah as one example, he literally nuked them out of existence. He attempted this again during the time of the Great Flood but Enki (and those who supported him) took swift action to alert the Noahs around the planet of the forthcoming dangers. Anu, Enlil and the other Anunnaki who sided with Anu were outraged with Enki for doing so.
    In the Garden of Eden situation, Enlil was furious that Enki permitted humans to have access to knowledge, thereby becoming more "godly," and equal to the Anunnaki. To strike back at Enki, and in the attempt to regain his power over humans, Enlil vowed to tarnish Enki's reputation by spreading the idea that the serpent of wisdom was evil. Enlil tried to wipe out knowledge of the DNA coding Enki gave humans, and of what the Anunnaki used in order to have longevity.

    However, Enlil was not completely successful because most of Enki's plan had worked. For centuries afterwards, humans attempted to duplicate what it was the gods used to maintain their youth and health, and those with the knowledge were able to concoct substitutes for a while. But, much also had to do with the DNA content of the individual. The more pure DNA from Enki's side, the better chance one had of having longevity, etc. Then, combine the DNA with spiritual awakening to the body, blood, and spirit with nutritional supplements, and each human will know who they are.

    Enlil's revenge continued. He punished women, those who were the ones who took great pains and suffered from being the early experimenters in birthing the new generations of god/human, by creating a dominant patriarchy which destroyed and disrespected women from then on. He also created the scenario blaming the rest of human's problems on women. The "original sin," and the "temptation of Eve." This did not go well with his daughter, Inanna, and her temples of female healing and trantra were all destroyed, her name wiped out for the gifts she brought to humanity, and women were enslaved and punished.

    The battle between the brothers continued into the time of the Exodus. The staff with the caduceus was also one of Moses' tools. (Yes, Moses, Aaron, and Ankhenaton and his children, Hatshepsut, are part of Enki's family.) Moses's staff, often utilized by his brother, Aaron, was made famous for performing miracles. Another connection between the staff and the serpents occured during the Exodus when the staff was seen to transform into snakes. Aaron was high priest and had been trained in magick. He and Moses received instructions from Enki. (Moses and Ankhenaton are incarnational Vibrani soul projections related to Enki.)

    Moses was contacted by both sides of the family during the Exodus. Sometimes he didn't know who he was hearing or what to do. Enki and Enlil communicated with him and this created confusion, separation of beliefs. Enki encouraged humanity to have their own connection with the source within themselves, and to live according to the belief in the One God, All That Is. Enlil's (Jehovah) made threats and imposed actions of violence against those who did not follow his orders. Eventually, the people broke down and chose to follow him out of fear. And we all know pretty much what has happened since then, eh?

    Luckily, the heritage of the caduceus lived on. In some versions the staff is capped with a solar disk or even a crescent moon. Nisaba, one of Enki's daughters and one of my past lifetimes as a direct incarnational aspect of Enki (which I still am), also held a similar staff topped with an "ankh." For some, the staff symbolized Hermes/Mercury. Throughout time different civilizations in India, the Americas, Greece, Egypt, including the great mystery schools and secret societies have renamed and used it. In Christianity the archangel Michael was associated with this staff. The sirens became the staff for two serpents they held in their hands. This staff was considered to be so powerful it was able to raise up the dead.

    From this symbol of the serpent the power was transferred to the symbol of the dragon, who continued to hold the knowledge. The dragon could "divine." This is one reason why we say we and you are of "divine" heritage. You will see a version of the caduceus as the winged solar disk in Ancient Egypt, which incorporated the knowledge of one's divinity and eternal soul, along with the traditional knowledge of what it stood for. Therefore, you will see this symbol above arches and entrances into temples and royal structures to remind those who enter who they really are. And this means not only the DNA connection to Enki but the divine soul-being as coming from the Source, itself. The symbol of the winged Isis represents the female goddess, blood connection in birthing humans who mated with "the gods." The first such goddess was Enki's sister, and one of his wives, the great scientist, Nin. The "ankh" came from Enki's name and is a key of how he and Nin worked together to create humans from the Neanderthal.

    Enki and Enlil have worked for thousands of years to repair the damage done to Earth and humanity by their squabbling. Enlil still gets impatient sometimes, but he and Enki have learned to respect one another and find ways of working together. It is their hope that you, too, will overcome the "bad blood" between brothers, sisters, families, which has long passed and see that you are truly of the same one family. All of it, in all ways divine.

    When you see the caduceus, know you are triggering your own genetic memory and seeing your heritage. Each one of you holds within you the DNA, in varying degrees, the wisdom and ability to achieve eternal life, from Enki's line. Since Enki, there have been other off-planet beings who added in their own DNA to the human species. So, you are all a mixture - and all one family from the One God, and extraterrestrials. Within you is the consciousness with which you can liberate yourselves through knowledge, which the
    serpent of wisdom symbolizes, of who you are - the real messiahs.
    Copyright 1998 E. Nora Amrani

  • EntirelyPossible

    It's a mashup of myth, god stories and cultures, an attempt to harmonize different stories across different cultures with different idea.

  • journey-on

    My own research convinces me that humanity is in a transition stage and on the verge of an evolutionary quantum leap. Indigos have been arriving enmasse in recent decades and it's now changing the DNA or re-awakening parts of it.

    Side note:

    The story of the serpent becoming an evil symbol began with the wars between Enki (Adonai) and his Pleiaden brother, Enlil (Jehovah).
    Did you know that Chas. T. Russell believed that Jehovah lived in the Pleiades? He even said that in some of his literature. I'm sure some on this board can tell you exactly in which book he said it.
  • ProdigalSon

    journey-on:Did you know that Chas. T. Russell believed that Jehovah lived in the Pleiades? He even said that in some of his literature. I'm sure some on this board can tell you exactly in which book he said it.

    LOL! Funny you should mention that.... not only Russell, but Rutherford as well.....

    Jehovah- Ancient Astronaut From the Pleiades?

    The constellation of the seven stars forming the Pleiades appears to be the crowning center around which the known systems of the planets revolve.... It has been suggested, and with much weight, that one of the stars of that group is the dwelling place of Jehovah and the place of the highest heavens;....

    The constellation of the Pleiades is a small one compared with others which scientific instruments disclose to the wondering eyes of man. But the greatness in size of other stars or planets is small when compared to the Pleiades in importance, because the Pleiades is the place of the eternal throne of God.

    -J. F. Rutherford, Reconciliation, 1928, p. 14.

  • ProdigalSon

    Jeremy Narby-

    The Cosmic Serpent- DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

    Jeremy Narby - Biospheric TV

  • journey-on

    PS, I read this book months ago, and even recommended it to AGuest (Shelby). It was fascinating to say the least and really makes you think about what consciousness really is and what part DNA plays in the mystery of it. Although I have a lot of respect for science, it is not always as objective as it claims to be. Here is just one paragraph from the book:

    "The molecular biology that considers that 97 percent of the DNA in our body is "junk" reveals not only its degree of ignorance, but the extent to which it is prepared to belittle the unknown. Some recent hypotheses suggest that "junk DNA" might have certain functions after all. But this does not hide the pejorative reflex: We don't understand, so we shoot first, then ask questions. This is cowboy science, and it is not as objective as it claims. Neutrality, or simple honesty, would have consisted in saying "for the moment, we do not know." It would have been just as easy to call it mystery DNA, for instance."

  • ProdigalSon

    journey-on, I completely agree. Check this out:

    The History of DNA and the Human Race

    A group of ancients makes an astounding discovery: Left on the beach by a time traveler is an amazing wireless stereo system. The small, efficient speakers are pumping out the most amazing rhythms, and the men are mesmerized by it all. They don’t dare touch it, but they sit and enjoy the music, not understanding how it is being produced or anything about the gleaming equipment before them.

    After many days, they begin to look deeper into the seeming magic of it all. They are curious, for curiosity is the main trait of the Human Being. They begin to analyze it. They look it over, again, not daring to touch it, and the elders finally announce to all that they have figured it out.

    They see the CD player, the main amplifiers, and the processors that are sitting with the speakers... lots of equipment. The speakers, however, are where the audio is coming from, and so it is the speakers that are seemingly doing all the work.

    The tribe comes together and they announce their findings: Advanced space creatures have landed and left some of their equipment. The wise men of the tribe can’t figure out what everything does, but two small items are responsible for the wonderful music they are hearing. The rest of the equipment is a mystery, and must simply be space junk that isn’t related to the music.

    DNA Revealed

  • Larsinger58

    Knowledge, especially secretive knowledge and special knowledge, the knowledge of life, the knowledge to understand how to be like god is associated with Satan who used a serpent to communicate with Eve, likely a woman's voice.

    In Egypt, we find the two serpents associated with the sun and two great wings.

    However, if Satan, an angel, is represented as a snake, one should consider the parallel to that, it's companion snake, Jesus Christ. After all, the copper staff of Moses was symbolic of Jesus Christ. Meaning?

    Meaning, the two snakes likely represent the same two "covering cherubs" on top of the Ark of the Covenant. Remember how the two cherubs' wings cover the Ark. You have some of the same symbolism, the huge wings, the two angels, the two columns, and thus the two snakes. Of course, if one snake represents Satan, the other would represent Michael, the archangel. The two cherubs are considered husband and wife. That is why Satan is called the "woman" at Genesis 3:15 and why she and the rebel angels are considered the "woman and her seed."

    But there is another layer. Just as Satan selected the serpent, Satan selects certain humans above others to use as tools of propaganda, and thosemost serpent like are the cultures that most emphasize education, knowledge and intelligencia. So it seems that the more cerebral one might be, the more likely a target for Satan's deceptions.

    Keep in mind, the serpent, otherwise an innocent bystander suffered a curse, which could be considered collateral damage. It relates to the sense we have of a pony throwing a young child and killing it. We don't allow the animal to live but we kill it, out of respect for what happened. So the serpent, a reminder of a means through which Satan caused death in the world, was punished. Its feet were taken away and it was forced to be a lowly creature, close to the earth, eating dust.

    That collateral damage is worked out when it comes to the "kingdom of the heavens" as well.


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