Does DCA Cure Cancer?

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  • metatron

    An emerging story about a substance that has little or no support from big drug companies, discovered in Canada:

    Interesting stuff. Maybe, maybe......


  • JeffT

    If it does there is no evidence to that effect on that website. None of the peer reviewed human studies deals with cancer therapy. A few of the animal studies it references seem to indicate that it CAUSES cancer.

  • metatron

    No evidence? Here's the problem, at least as I see it:

    "Peer reviewed" evidence has not become irrelevant, in the mainstream at least, but I think it is rapidly headed in that direction. New drug approvals decline as more evidence accumulates that established cures are actually ineffective. Peer review is dominated by economic self interest and academic conformity. This entire arena - of drug development and approval - is rapidly falling into a crisis - which should tell you that something is very wrong.

    When well documented cases of survival fail to trigger interest, something is very, very wrong. Are we willing to say that healthy survival far beyond a predicted cancer death sentence is "no evidence"? Are we willing to assert that these people have used the placebo effect to save their lives? Or is something more involved? I find the dismissal of "still alive" as very disturbing.

    If DCA was demonstrated in some studies to cause cancer, that might make it no worse than countless established treatments that are carcinogenic (radiation, etc.).

    I recall researching studies about treatments for neurological illness in which drug company favorites were given chance after chance to establish their rather marginal effectiveness while inexpensive, non patentable therapies were barely examined at all.


  • talesin

    You may find this of interest. Cdn investigative journalist Wendy Mesley did quite an expose after her own experience with breast cancer. It's been years since I watched it, but conclusion --- big pharma is pulling all the strings to maximize profit, and the Canadian Cancer Society is complicit.

    Another point of note, most early research is done by universities, funded by us, then, when it begins to look like a certain drug may be profitable, the pharmas step in to 'finance' and, of course, own it.

    Peer review is dominated by economic self interest and academic conformity.

    Absolutely right.


  • talesin

    An important topic, so BTTT

    my friends are discussing this on FB, which is why i have a bit of info ,,,

    here's the link for University of Alberta, from 2007, the original researcher Dr. Evangelos Michelakis

    of note, and I quote :

    The DCA compound is not patented and not owned by any pharmaceutical company, and, therefore, would likely be an inexpensive drug to administer, says Michelakis, the Canada Research Chair in Pulmonary Hypertension and Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program with Capital Health, one of Canada's largest health authorities.

    However, as DCA is not patented, Michelakis is concerned that it may be difficult to find funding from private investors to test DCA in clinical trials.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When there is a cure for cancer, people around the globe will make noise and dance in the streets to celebrate. There will be block parties, an international holiday. a special general assembly of the UN, a joint congressional session.

    New Year's Eve in NYC will be like a small town compared to the hoopla.

    Unfortunately, we don't have to worry about missing it just yet.

    I tried unapproved DMSO for my facial pain. It is one thing to condemn others when you are well. Once you are seriously ill, you listen hopefully to any supplements, voodoo doctors, whatever. I put industrial grade solvent on my face and my face puckered like the skin of an orange. Then, I ran to the er and had to admit what I did. And I did not think it would work. I gambled on the off chance it might. I thought Steve McQueen was crazy for going to Mexico. Now I know.

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