Things have changed since I last went from door to door !

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  • exwhyzee

    Good point Moshe....didn't even think of that ! I figured those two were all about publicity...but better not take any chances !

    P.S. There's a differencce between privacy while on a public street and in being an imposter in someone's car group while they are engaging in what they consider part of their worship to God.

    (Photo removed by poster)

  • moshe

    The last time I was there in 2002, they were wearing just a thong on their morning jog- now I see them all dressed up for an evening at the clubs. I hope you got their consent for posting their picture on the Internet- I know you are a stickler for privacy.

  • moshe

    Now, if they were going to shop at Walmart, we could have seen their photo on peopleofwalmart website- they would have fit right in.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Looks like I missed all the action.

    I was at the dentest the other day and As we left My wife and I saw the group out in service...Doing the same ole dead man walking pioneer stroll.

    Complete with an elder in the car at the end of the block...SMDH!

    How long can you waste your time in mindless busy work?

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