Charles Sinutko wants to sell you some songs-

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  • moshe

    He is on the Internet and he has 5 songs he wants to sell you. I guess he probably needs some extra income to supplement his meager Social Security check ( WT pay is pretty bad). Can you believe he is 75 years old now? Anyway, Moshe wants to help him sell music , so I posted an idea for a song-

    Charlie- what a great voice you have!- why not do a cover with Prince( he's a JW now)- with a slight change, do one of his classics to fit you- ----------------------------------- I was dreamin' when I wrote this---- Forgive me if it goes astray But when I woke up this mornin' Coulda sworn it was judgment day The sky was all purple There were people runnin' everywhere Tryin' 2 run from the destruction U know I didn't even care 'Cuz they say one thousand nineteen seventy-five, party over- Oops out of time So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1975-- -------------------------------------------------- Let's Call it- Stay alive until 1975! You are famous on the Internet for that line! You could have been living in a mansion instead of in a trailer park. You gave it all away for a lie-- If only you knew back in 1955 what you know today--- you would have had a family and grandchildren. You are a victim too-

  • moshe

    No wonder he can't sell any songs- it's Charlie who?

    He was a handsome young man back in the early 50's before he threw away a promising career as a professional singer, to be a fulltime JW publisher , all because the time left was so short-- next thing you know he's a bigshot WT overseer telling the JWs at a convention in 1969- stay alive until 1975-

  • Heaven

    Hi Moshe! Gee, I didn't even know he was a singer... just some raving loony. Who'd-a-known?

    It is a real shame what happens to promising people when they get sucked into the cancer.

  • Terry

    That's the way to do it, Moshe; put a real face on it. Humanize the impact of this belief. Real people, real lives, real tragedy.

    And hardly ever do the victims stand up and say, "Look what happened to me becuase I believed you" to the Society.

    There is no one who would listen anyway.

  • Iamallcool

    too bad.

  • Ding

    Maybe the WTS can put out a new edition of "Millions Now Living Will Never Die."

    All they have to do is change the 1925 to 2025.

    They can also put out a new edition of "Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God".

    All they have to do is change the 1975 to 2025.

    Stay Alive 'Til '25!

  • moshe
    And hardly ever do the victims stand up and say, "Look what happened to me becuase I believed you" to the Society. There is no one who would listen anyway.

    Right you are Terry. If Charlie made a youtube video admitting his part in the WT's 1975 debacle, it might make a big impact with JWs, but like you said, hardly any JW wants to talk publicly about how they were fooled by the WT Society-- I wonder if her ever does a google search for his name? If he did he would see how often he is mentioned on this forum by ex-JWs and almost never mentioned by current JWs.

    Charles Sinutko's life story was published by the WT Society some years ago- it could stand to be updated and show him living in a Manufactured home park in California, growing old without a family to care for him. My guess is the WT Society is paying him a stipend to keep him quiet in his final years. Charlie would have been about 21 in 1955 just as Rock and Roll music took off. There is no doubt he could have been singing and romping with bikini girls in the B movies of the times, not only did he throw that entertainment career (and a million$+ mansion) away, he and his wife gave up having a family so he could be a ciruit and then a district overseer for the WT Society.-

    And you think you are bitter over missed opportunities! When I called Charlie up about three years ago he did not deny he said, "stay alive until 1975" and he was unrepentent for his part in misleading JWs about 1975 and he denied having any personal culpabilty for the bad decisions JWs made thinking the end was just a few years away. - it was their choice to make, was his attitude, he did not force anyone to give up a job, school, marriage, family, etc- and he told me not to call him back.

    ps- he deleted my fan comment on his order page- and I was the only fan comment he ever had.

  • VM44

    Where online is Charles Sinutko's selling songs?

  • sizemik
    Maybe the WTS can put out a new edition of "Millions Now Living Will Never Die."

    Yeah . . . they can call it "Millions Now Living Will Never Live"

  • the prisoner No 6
    the prisoner No 6

    Thats a tragic tale Moshe, and I hope im not being too unsympathetic, when i say he got what he deserved, he seemed happy to mislead others,You play with fire, You will get burned .

    I feel more sorry when I see wee old lady,s out peddling the Tower, still duped after a lifetime of self imposed slavery.

    I loved your last comment, His one and only Fan, and he removes you, kind of ironic and yet fitting

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