Similarities Between Harold Camping's Group and Witnesses?

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  • stuckinamovement

    After reading this news article

    I was struck by how similar the two groups are. I was curous if anyone has published or posted a detailed comparison of the two groups?

    The reason I ask is it is pretty clear to most people, (even witnesses) that Harold Camping is a nut, with a lot of nutty followers. Once a Witness can see the similarities it could be powerful in getting them to examine their own history.

    Here are some things I noticed.

    Both Groups have a worldwide ministry in fulfillment of Matt. 24:14

    Both feel that they have a lifesaving message.

    Both use Bible Based chronology

    Both Groups seem to have good moral people attached.

    Both feel that they alone will be spared from destruction.

    Both feel that the world around them is degenerating and is a sign of the last days.

    Both feel that God has manuevered things so they can share in the warning work.

    Both can't question the teachings of their leader without causing offense to God.

    Any others??


  • WontLeave

    Both feel that they have a lifesaving message.

    How? His church believes in predestination, so whatever God has decided is your destiny, you're stuck with it. There is no such thing as repentance when you're dealing with predestination. The big ad campaign is a way to get donations and nothing else. They have no message; just some vague reference to a date there's nothing anyone can do anything about.

  • B_Deserter

    Campings followers aren't really an organized church. They come from a variety of denominations and are generally just run-of-the-mill vanilla Christians. It's actually kind of how Russell started.

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