A decade later- to Old Friends- love ya bros

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  • JRK


    I love you like a brother. Just as when I helped you to do the paperwork for your divorce. Little did I know my life would come crashing down at the same time. I still love you as a brother, years have past, ten now. I am glad you found a measure of happiness with your new wife. You really got screwed, I felt really bad for you. Hugs from a man that loves you like a brother.

    I am glad that you got remarried. And I really am glad that you are happy, if you are. I wish I could just have one conversation with you. I love you just as if your were my literal brother. I love you so much and miss you.


    I love you like a little bro too. I know you love me. This is very hard. I really do not care about the bullshit about how much you miss me. If you cared, you would find the stranded sheep. You are an elder, you (fill in the blank!) If you ever gave a minor shit about me, you would call. Elders from this side of town are worthless, or worse. I wish my little brother would give a shit. I love you Bryan, just as I did as a teenager when I studied with you. You were like me, the elders never gave a shit about you or Kerry. I loved you, just as much as if you were my flesh and blood brother. I hope that you are happy with X and your life. I really mean that. I just wish you cared whether I was okay.

    (a part of me wants to share all of the freaking cd's that they owe me, but that would be petty)

    I love ya dudes, even after the decade of hell. I am doing alright, but have been wronged by you. The lost sheep is hung out to dry. Thanks a lot.



    I feel like sheep jerky.

  • JRK

    I love my old Fort Wayne friends. I truly know that I love Cory and Bryan, and Xanthe. I love you all, as you love me. Isn't this religious BS a bunch of crap.

    I love both you and Bryan, I still love you and Cory.

    If you could ever forget about your religion for a second. . . . . we could talk.

    Hugs love and I really care aaabout you.

    John, Love you A BUNCH

  • JRK

    Eat my crotch,

    Fuck you.

    Eat me bastards.

    JK love me.

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