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  • Victor_E

    I'm doing research for an article of writing on why JW's are clinging on to the religion regarless of the pain and dysfunction. Those of you that remember me know I have written on this subject for many years. I have not written an article on this topic for over nine years and I wanted to create a relevant post based on the current dynamics and theology. In reading the posting history I see some things have changed. I am starting my work based on these suppositions. Please give your assestment and input.

    1. The current increase in wars, social unrest, economic crash, and natural disasters are boosting the fear and faith of older JWs.

    2. The current deaths of their leaders is giving some hope that things will change.

    3. The theology has been toned down to be more generic instead of a date they are working hard for loosening the hour requirements.

    4. No major PR crisis like Silentlambs in years gone by.

    5. Members who have no place to go lacking money, an education, and support system.

    6. Fear of losing their family and pseudo friends.

    Did I miss anything?

    Look forward to your comments.

  • jair_irwin

    Hey Victor,

    They all sound like reasonable and truthful points to me.


  • clarity

    Victor ..... so glad you came back here today!

    Reading your marvelous archival postings I wished I had known you then.

    Spending more than 45 yrs in the truth dark, my eyes fully opened only 18 mths ago!

    One thing that has become very prominant now is the extreme 'adoration' of the governing body.

    Although the doctrine about christ not being the mediator for the great crowd, (onlyfor the 144,000) came out about 1989 ....... that set the stage for complete control of the gb.

    Today, you would be hard pressed to find a copy of an 'insider's' watchtower that doesn't idolize the gb. They must be obeyed ...or else!! Even if they are wrong!

    Pretty much in every prayer the gb is mentioned. The new song book is 'all' about gb!

    They must not be questioned. If brought up on a charge of suspected 'apostacy', the elders are not concerned whether or not you believe in god or christ..................the only thing that seems to matter, is whether you believe the gb is god!!! lol

    From where I sit .... a much more "Gestapo" type of leadership now!

    my 2cents


  • LostGeneration

    2. The current deaths of their leaders is giving some hope that things will change

    I wouldn't agree with this. They basically bang the drum that the "faithful slave" will lead them to the promised land. With the revised generation teaching the "faithful slave" can exist for hundreds of years. All that matters is loyalty and obedience to said slave

  • Victor_E

    Hi Clarity thanks for your kind words. I was still a JW when that change in teaching was released so I can see how that became a milestone in their control and absolute authority. Very interesting.

  • Victor_E

    Hi Lost Generation thanks for your input. Is the inner battle between the service department and the more liberal progressive thinkers over?

  • Iconoclast

    My grandmother told me the best reason of all. I had a discussion with her about using reasoning and logic in conjunction with conviction of scriptures to navigate through life instead of just takings a man's word for it.

    Her reply? "I don't want to have to think about it. I just want someone to tell me what to do. It's easier that way."

  • Victor_E

    Iconclast that I think is a generational trait as well as those who never got an education and learned how to do critical thinking. One other group I think that would give that response is those who suffer from very low self esteem and no concept of self and self determination.

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