Why could not Evangelical President Bush stand with President Obama at the 9/11 Memorial and honorize the victory over the Leader of Al Qaeda

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  • designs
  • TheClarinetist

    Why? I would assume he was in Texas/wasn't invited. Haven't heard anything.

  • prophecor

    I would like to think that he didn't want to steal the spotlight from Obama. 911 occured on Bush's watch. Maybe pride. I'm not so sure on this one. Boy George prefers to stay out of the spotlight and I respect that. He has so much reflecting to do without having to re-visit all that has transpired between his shift and that of the current sittng president. I'm sure he has a lot of ghosts that he has to deal with as well as his own personal demons. Love the man, regardless. One of a great many to serve our nation.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    He was most certainly invited. The unity , even momentary, would have looked good. Bush has followed a consistent policy of not criticizing Obama. I admire that for him. He says we have one president at a time. Also, Bush needlessly inflamed many Moslems and neutral foreign countries with his cowboy rhetoric. His presence would have inflammed any retailiation we will receive.

    It was nice of Obama to invite him and signal that it was an American bipartisan victory, not a Democratic victory.

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