Is there a reliable list of average publisher stats year by year?

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  • MrMonroe

    Does anyone have a link to stats drawn from WT publications on average publishers year by year since about 1945? I have figures 1989 to 2010, but there are gaps for many years in between because of the inconsistent policy of full disclosure in the yearbooks.


  • slimboyfat

    What inconsistent policy?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    IIRC, sometimes avg publishers are only listed on the chart and not mentioned in the summary report or in any paragraphs, so they don't end up on the CD Rom because the chart doesn't get on to the CD Rom. Sometimes the avg publishers are mentioned elsewhere and so are on the CD Rom. That's the inconsistency I think Mr.Monroe is talking about.

  • MrMonroe

    Correct. For some years the yearbook on the cdrom contains a short summary, other years there's none. That means I go looking for a mention of the figure in the general comments in the YB or that year's Jan 1 WT, but it's very hit and miss. I'm relying on someone who may have collated them from the hard copies.

  • steve2

    A poster whose name (I think) is JWfacts has compiled a lot of statistics on the religion. He might be the person you need to make contact with.

  • wobble

    Once you have got them Mr Monroe, could you post them on here ?

    It will be interesting to see peoples analysis of them, a calculation like allowing a 1% death rate for the active pubs, and for the number baptised over those years should give us a clue as to how many walk away from the cult over the years.

    i.e they number 7 Mill. now, but it should be ,what? 10 Mill. ?

  • MrMonroe

    Thanks, figures were located and have now been added to a chart on the Wikipedia page for the JW article. Paul's figures at JWFacts were good, but he had already used them in a chart and I needed the raw figures.

  • sizemik

    Interesting chart Mr M . . . the 'blip' of 1975 and falloff after 1996 clearly seen but not unexpected. The continued upward trend a concern . . . but also not unexpected I suppose. (sigh)

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