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  • man in black
    man in black

    Back when I was a witness, the normal thing that the society wanted people to do is call members of the congregation by their title

    EX : brother xxxx, or sister vvvvv,

    fast forward to today. My wife, after leaving the jw religion jumped over to becoming a mormon. Their security blanket is their titles.

    For example, when those youmg white shirted boys come over they expect to be called elder xxxx ( a young teenage kid,,, come on)

    my wife is always sister ______.

    yet they had no problem calling me by my first name only.

    whenever I would attend a get together everyone was elder / brother / sister / bishop.


    Last week some young kids came over with their mother, and the conversation followed this line :

    why hello sister _____, how is brother ____ ?

    The kids would always address everyone by brother, sister, bishop, elder.

    Yet when I came in, everyone just called me by my first name (even the kids).

    To me this sounds like a sort of religious indoctination to children. Everyone who is a member of the church( who has a title) is held up on the platform. If you are not a member, we will just call you by your first name,,,, no MR, or sir, just an eight year old calling me by my name.

    Sounds a little strange to me.

  • wobble

    Cults are strange. They are also very rude when it comes to such matters, it is a case of if you are in the cult, be it WT or Mormon or whatever, you will be treated O.K but if not they treat you with disdain.

    I am getting this from members of my family who are WT/JW cult-members, simply because we left the cult some years ago we are not treated even as well as other relatives who were never in it ! They are rude, in my opinion, to those relatives too in some ways, but they are rougher on us, to "bring us to our senses" I suppose.

    They do not realise that we came to our senses, and left the cult, we treat everybody, even cult members like them , with respect and compassion.

    Two words they do not have in their vocabulary.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It's also a generational thing. I was raised to call older people as Mr, Mrs, "Brother", "Sister"...

    These days young people haven't been taught to do that.

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