Hope For Mankind: God has had 6,000 Years To Do The Right Thing

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  • PublishingCult

    God has been "the hope" for mankind and its woes for centuries.

    God has proven himself enept and feckless in bringing about peace, exemplifying love, and restoring humanity to a higher standard of goodness in which wars and wholesale murder of innocent children is not the default position of greedy politicians.

    God's representatives have merely greased the rails of the run-away train that is government, and encouraged God's followers to be blind obedient slaves to a coercive ruling class that holds a very big gun at our heads.

    It is time to shove the impotent old bastard over and let the new generation of atheist kids find real solutions to our problems.


  • designs

    Drink your Ovaltine and call us in the morning...

  • Larsinger58


    The Persians added 82 years to their timeline and tried to make up for some of that by removing 26 years from the NB kings. When the timeline is corrected, the 1st of Cyrus falls in 455 BCE and thus the Exodus, 19 jubilees earlier falls in 1386 BCE. This means 1975, 6000 years after man's creation is 127 years too early. So the end of 6000 years is probably 2131 based on Adam being 30 years old rather than 1 year old when Eve is created.

    But if you allow 20 years for Satan's last test of post-millennial mankind and 100 years for Judgment Day, you have to subtract 120 years from 2131 to get a guesstimate when Armageddon might occur.

    1975 + 29 = 2004

    2004 + 127 = 2131

    20 years for Satan's last test + Judgment Day, 100 years = 120

    2131 - 120 = 2011 AD.

    The 2nd coming occurred December 25, 1992.

    If a "short while" is just 20 years, it expires on December 25, 2012.

    So? Sometime between 2011 and 2012?

    This is not definite, but this would be the closest we get to a 6000-year calculation in relation to the Biblical timeline.

    We're told to be alert and awake, so all things must be considered.

    God says he would tell his prophets before he does a single thing, so there are some claiming to be his prophets saying May 21 is "judgment day." That qualifies, say on Judgment Day, as a "legal warning."

    The Bible says after the UN takes over and destroys BTG (Federal Reserve, CIA, etc) that it will rule for 15 months ("a time and a season"). Still enough time to begin the millennium on December 21, 2012 if things gets started by May 21, 2011.

    Let's hope so.


  • DagothUr

    You are offtopic Lars. You don't wanna hear what I have to say after may 21 passes away without the Raptor.

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