Cold Fusion Results Replicated!

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  • metatron
  • metatron

    Sorry, sometimes using a laptop can be frustrating..... And the edit function off to the right doesn't work.

    Anyhow, see:

    This steamroller ain't stopping! And what, you may ask, does this news have to do with anything?

    Let me repeat what may happen: the end of fossil fuels, no more worries about global warming, a powerful source of price deflation, the overthrow of Iran and other oil rich states, the irrelevance of the Middle East, and much more.

    Gerald Celente (futurist) is on board and predicting this as a global changer. The idiot media is too busy with the wedding of some rich, lazy inbred aristocrats and the sea burial of some terror thug, whose body was suffering freezer burn.


  • bohm

    The more half-baked "tests" he make, the less credible it make him seem. He did not properly measure the energy output of the device, and the produced energy and size of the device is growing more and more consistent with the use of batteries.

    Furthermore Rossi has the resume of a scam artist, complete with diploma from a diploma mill:

    I wish this was true but everything indicate it is a scam.

  • slimboyfat

    Gerald Celente is the biggest idiot on the planet. One minute it's global collapse, next minute it's fusion saves the day. Where did this self-publicist crawl out from anyway?

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Wait until the world discovers Warpdrive.

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