Walkill Bethel Recreational Facility

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  • dontplaceliterature

    My wife and I just visited some friends over the weekend from another congregation. These two are both full time pioneers, and also participate in various construction projects around the country.

    The husband just got back from a 3 week trip to Walkill, New York to help with construction on a new residence building at 'The Farm' (Does anyone call it that anymore?).

    He showed us a map of the 'campus' which he had sketched in the locations of the new construction projects with a Sharpie Pen. As it turns out (and I think I had already read this on here somewhere), The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is building an extremely large Recreational Center for the benefit of the Bethel Family. With a creepy gleam in his eye, this brother spoke about how the Rec-Center would have "ever ball-court imaginable" and "an olympic size swimming pool", etc.

    I hadn't really given it much thought until this morning, but....WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING HYPOCRITES

    I am fuming. This is the first time I have really been angry during my "awakening".

    After just returning from a Circuit Assembly a couple of weeks ago, where we were admonished to be satisfied with the bare necessities of life, and told to stop trying to maintain our standardof living as the cost of goods increases, The Watchtower Society is taking our money and spending it on a Rec Center???!!!

    Just after being told for an entire weekend that we need to simplify our life, and resisit the temptation to spend too much time on recreation; Just after being told in last weeks Watchtower (3/27) in paragraph 16 that "we must avoid needless pursuits, needless weights, that will tire us out" such as "pursu[ing] sports or other leisure activities" because "reasonableness and modesty should move all of us to recognize our limitations and keep unnecessary commitments to a minimum"; Just after being told more-or-less for an entire weekend at the Circuit Assembly that we should be preparing to exit this system of things, not planning for an extended stay ("Noah didn't build a nicer house at the same time he was building The Ark" - was the illustration used)......But The Society gets to build a new Rec-Center????!!!! With our money???!!!!

    I am not opposed to Rec-Centers in general, but I find it hard to believe that after all of these years, "in the time we are living" The Branch feels the necessity to provide such a luxary to The Bethel Family.

    Couldn't all of the money (Millions, no doubt) be spent on something more condusive the furthering our "urgent message" (i.e. A Super Bowl or World Cup advertising spot)?

    What about all of the months (maybe years) of planning and construction? What about the man power and expense to all the volunteers that travel to New York to work on the project? Couldn't all of those resources be better allocated elsewhere?

    This is a complete joke.

  • finallyfree!

    lolll!! wow that is a joke!

  • jookbeard

    cant see them having an Olympic sized swimming pool,what would be the use? and the costs in maintaining these things are eye watering.

  • bohm

    I think the real hypocricy is that the WTS is very quick to beat their drum and tell everyone they are way better and more humble than eg. the catholics or other religions, while at the same time its really the same old story: Give us your money, even if you need them more than we do. There is a word for this, it is greed. I have more difficulty imagining jesus in that swimming pool paid by the poor than i have imagining the exodus as a historical event, and thats saying a lot :-).

    Do you think this is one of the things you could mention to your wife?


  • dontplaceliterature


    The source this came from is 100% credible. He is a 'company man' all the way. He literally was at the site less than a month ago.

  • maninthemiddle
    cant see them having an Olympic sized swimming pool,what would be the use? and the costs in maintaining these things are eye watering.

    Does this mean that YMCA passes are still out of the question?

    Not defending it, but if they a serious about moving everyone out of Brooklyn, they are probably looking for something to keep the attention of the kids staying there.

  • Podobear

    Times have changed.... when I did my 4 year stint.. I was shacked up with two other guys, and could hardly move in our room. Our food was found, and I clothed myself out of the charity bin. There were no recreational facilities other than a small sauna. On a stipend of £19.50 (approx $35) a month I could ill afford regular trips to the local swimming pool.

    I guess the mentality has changed. We did it from the heart, and accepted the poverty it brought on most of us. Little did I know that there was an underlying resentment from some in the congregations.

    In hind sight, and through my ministration to members of the British Royals... I can see the same pattern. A wonderful life style with no real input financially from the people benefitting. Closed orders in all faiths benefit the same.

    Some, I found, benefitted more than others... sucked up to the Rich.. and an elite class emerged.

    WT is no different... and "Lifers" at Bethel know no different either.... otherwise how would the great Printing empire ever continue, without selfless devotion on the part of a few?

    Just a thought.

  • metatron

    Perhaps this is inevitable. As the Watchtower and its doctrines become ever more delusional, the guys at the top can't all be witless fools or the organization would collapse. The Bethel life of self denial won't work anymore. They need an Olympic sized swimming pool and more.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    WOW! I wonder if they will let the local JW's in to use? probably not! now everyone is going to want to go to the farm. At least they will exercise?! they are a bunch of hypocrits

  • jookbeard

    not denying that they are building a facility it just seems incredibly extravagant from an organization that has a history of such penny pinching small mindedness and one that has lavished such luxury on it's leaders and always held such cold hearted resentment to it's mass of poor workers, may be guilty conscience's are coming from the top after the way the last cull of older workforce personnel were dumped out.

  • onemore

    People…mark my words. Those huge projects at Wallkill and Ramapo NJ are intended to be sold in the near future; either as a retirement facility, an adult community, or as a college campus. If some of you recall, some of the land was purchased from a developer that was supposed to building a college campus in that location, but the company could not complete the project. The Watchtower Construction Inc (made up name) conveniently took ownership of the land and began to build a complex that resembles a modern college campus.

    I’m very familiar with this project. Some of the volunteers have served my congregation. Remember, not all of the printing is being done in the US, magazine production has been cut to half, a lot of bethelites were laid off or reassigned. If you count the number of rooms and buildings being constructed, logic will tell you that this complex is meant to house 3,500 to 5,000 people. Doesn’t that tell you something?

  • blondie

    Love George Carlin....

  • wasblind

    I feel You DPL,

    constantly bein' told to keep your eye simple

    and bein' made to feel guilty for indulging in

    life's pleasures. Only to have this revealed

    makes one sick

  • Millions

    Typical WT - one rule for them, another rule for us. The drones outside the HQ have to be reined in and are kept under control via guilt and fear, but the drones inside HQ have to be kept relatively happy so that they will stay and slave for the masters for free for a few more years.

    Anyway, surely if the WT was building a 'Farm' it would be a human cloning farm to replenish the dwindling publisher ranks? Something like this I guess:

    New Watchtower Publisher Farm

  • lisaBObeesa

    maybe they are doing this because the stress of living at bethel is causing so much mental illness/depression...? Maybe their doctors told them they need to treat their slaves in a more humane way...?

    Well, I hope nobody is planing to have any (evil) competitions on those ball-courts. Because, you know, if things get out of hand and people start having FUN and making teams and stuff the powers that be will have to shut 'em down.

    'Cause the Bible says no fun allowed!

  • sir82
    a retirement facility, an adult community, or as a college campus.

    Sold, or set up as a JW-only facility for any of those purposes?

    I have long suspected the WT is quite jealous of the money and prestige of the Mormon church. Imagine the $$$ that could be raked in if the WT started a BYU-like 2 or 4 year university program. JWs would pay hand over fist, ivy league comparable rates to get their kids into such a thing.

    Or think of a Del Webb-style JW retirement home complex for old JWs. Maybe have a fraction of the rooms set aside for old COs or pioneers, and the majority of the rooms for old-timer JWs with wads of cash. Maybe even a "promise to donate 100% of your estate to us, and live here free the rest of your days (as long as you are in 'good standing' anyway)" type of thing.

    I wonder how long before the WT leadership starts transitioning into different areas to keep the money flowing in. Printing messages of "Doom is coming soon!" in paper books & magazines was a pretty good business model for the first 120 or so years of its existence, but not even the brain-cramped GB can believe it is sustainable in the long term now.

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know what the available facilities in the outside community may be...but could it be a ploy to keep the boys on-site in their time off, rather than mingle with "the world"?

    The facilities at Patterson and Wallkill are reputed to be good, as the grapevine extends to this part of the world..

    This is part of the 'doublethink' that dubs have to perform - on the one hand:

    "We are so close to the end that we should not invest in material projects" but also,

    "Isn't it grand that our Society is building new factories and Bethel Homes and making them better than ever"

  • AnnOMaly


    From http://www.co.ulster.ny.us/planning/ucpb/boarddocs/pb_agenda_minutes/nov2008min.pdf

    f. Town of Shawangunk Planning Board -Public Hearing on November 5th @7:00PM Shawangunk Town Hall for Watchtower Farms Improvements DEIS - approval for construction of 300 multiple family dwellings in a 3-story building, 2-story parking garage, 3-story accessory building, recreation building, technical equipment building with proposed additions to existing dining room & laundry and dry cleaning buildings on a portion of 1,141 acres. Zoned RAG-4. Mr. Doyle stated that Watchtower Farms is a religious use with over 1,000 people on site. Ms. Beuf added that you don't notice the density out there.

    The last sentence made me snicker!

  • Refriedtruth

    I and my family gave the Watchtower our inheritance that is a fact my grandmothe (DIED BROKE WE PAYED FOR FUNERAL) gave it all to the $ociety and I gave them a bundle myself as a young adult making big bucks..

    In Florida my grandparents cong was mostly elderly retires many with accumulated wealth and MANY were writing their families out of their wills and giving it all to the kingdom.


  • AnnOMaly

    More details from http://www.timmillerassociates.com/publicreview/shawangunk/Watchtower_Farms_Improvements_FEIS.pdf

    Scroll to about half to two-thirds the way down to Table III.F-1 Changes to the Recreational Facilities.

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