"THE END IS COMING!!!.........on May 21!".....sound familiar?

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  • Bourne

    Read further down....you find this little gem:

    "The oldest believer on the convoy, 75-year-old Gallegos from Utah, is similar to the rest of the church members.

    In order to join the trip he had to leave behind a wife of 53 years and be away from his10 children and their families.

    Others have left empty houses, sold antiques, disposed of art collections or given up cars and other expensive items to join the road trip of doom.

    And as if the end of the world is not bad enough, there is one final bitter pill as we approach the apocalypse.

    Apparently no one from Family Radio is sure what to do to guarantee a place in heaven.

    God, they say, has already predetermined the roughly two to three percent of those who will be saved come May 21.

    Sadly for the rest of us all we can do is wait until the end comes. Again."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1363837/Doomsday-campers-Project-Caravan-say-world-end-May-21.html#ixzz1G3eFiuhu

  • villabolo

    I would figure that the Rapture would occur wherever they are. So why the trip?


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