August 1, 1927 TIME Magazine article: Religion: Judge Rutherford

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    Read the complete two-page article at:,9171,730814,00.html#ixzz1FxKBec46

    "Through the gracious providence of Jehovah," the voice of Judge Joseph Frederick Rutherford, president, the International Bible Students' Association, boomed from Toronto last week to pass out from 53 separate radio broadcasting stations. The "hookup" was the widest in radio history and was the result of a goading which Judge Rutherford several weeks ago drove at President Merlin Hall Aylesworth of National Broadcasting Co.

    It was at a hearing of the Federal Radio Commission in Washington. The commission had given the radio wave length of WBBR, Judge Rutherford's station, to WJZ of the National Broadcasting Co., and had refused to allocate any wave length to WBBR. WBBR was considered an unessential station.

    That was complot, [conspiracy or plot] cried Judge Rutherford. The "regular" churches were seeking to destroy his sect. In 1918 they had him sent to Atlanta Penitentiary for obstructing the War draft. But the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, after he had spent eight months in jail, had ordered him released. The present exclusion from the air was another "frame-up." Mr. Aylesworth was in cahoots with the preachers.

    "I dare you..."

  • LostGeneration


    What is this Cosmos III stuff ending in the year 2874? I've never heard of that! Does anyone have a WT publication with that date in it?

  • saltyoldlady

    The 2874 stuff comes from the idea that 6,000 years of human history ended in 1874 and that they were now in the great millenium - the thousand year reign of Christ due to end 2874. They started history in 4126 BC in those days - subtract it from 6,000 and you arrive at the date of 1874 AD. It would have to be an OLD WT to find this date but it is out there. This material is covered in detail in the old Study Volume of Russell called The Time Is At Hand tho I think they used the date 1873 in that one.

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