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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 02-27-11 WT Study (DECEMBER 15, 2010, pages 20-24)(SING)

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    “I will make melody to my God as long as I am.”—PS. 146:2.


    2011 Yearbook, Singing Praise to Jehovah, p.17-21:

    Singing songs of praise to Jehovah is an integral part of our worship. At the 2009 conventions, therefore, God's servants were overjoyed when they were told of a new songbook, Sing to Jehovah. But why was a new songbook needed?

    From time to time, we have revised our songbooks to keep them in line with increased spiritual light. (Prov 4:18) Preparation of a new songbook thus provides an opportunity for needed adjustments to be made to the lyrics of our songs. Wording has been selected that makes it easier to absorb the meaning of the song while it is being sung and to make the words easier to remember. To help further with memorization, many of the songs have been shortened. Where appropriate choruses have been added to provide meaningful repetition of key thoughts. In addition, an effort was made to assign each syllable of each word to a single note, rather than to place more than one syllable on a note.

    A careful analysis of our previous songbook, Sing Praises to Jehovah, revealed that some of the melodies needed adjustments to make them easier to sing. As a result, some of the songs have now been lowered in pitch so that the higher notes are easier to sing. Also, not all songs were being sung exactly as they were written in the book. So in some cases the melody itself has been adjusted to match the more natural manner in which the songs were actually being sung by our brothers internationally.

    Details, such as how the music is printed on the page, were given special consideration. While longer songs have been spread across two pages to accommodate the longer text of translated languages, songs have been placed so that there is no need to turn a page during a song. No songs are longer than three verses.

    How was the mammoth task of preparing the new songbook accomplished? In August 2007, a team of experienced composers and lyricists were invited to assist the Governing Body with the project. All of the songs in the previous songbook were examined meticulously to identify problems with doctrinal content, word emphasis, and melodic issues. It was apparent that some of the older melodies were fine but that they required new lyrics. Other songs that required little adjustment to lyrics needed substantial changes to their melodies. Then, the Teaching Committee of the Governing Body approved a list of topics to be considered in songs for Christian meetings, assemblies, conventions and dedication programs.

    In addition, the composers took time to reexamine the style of music used by our brothers at our meetings. To produce reverent yet appealing songs, they avoided music that sounded like hymns used in Christendom's churches. At the same time, they did not want songs of praise to Jehovah to lean toward styles that have become popular in many charismatic churches.

    Throughout the project, the Governing Body carefully monitored the composition and words of each song. Groups of new songs that the Governing Body was not familiar with were recorded by singers for the Governing Body to listen to and review. (so the GB are musical experts!) As soon as these songs were approved, they were sent to translating branches for translation of the lyrics so that vernacular songbooks could be released at the same time as the English songbook.

    Additionally, in 2007, the Governing Body arranged for a chorus of singers to produce recordings that would help the congregation members to learn the songs. For many years a volunteer orchestra from 14 branches has assembled about twice a year at Patterson, New York, to record music for educational programs produced by Jehovah's Witnesses, including dramas, video productions, and musical accompaniment for conventions and assemblies. These dedicated brothers and sisters, many of them full-time ministers, use their time and resources to travel and record music for the benefit of the international brotherhood. All are skilled musicians. The orchestral recordings are then shared with branches around the world to provide background music for their conventions and for the production of vocal renditions in dozens of local languages. Many of the vocal recordings made at the branches are now available for download from our Web site .

    What has been the reaction to the new songbook, Sing to Jehovah? This letter from a sister is typical of hundreds of letters of appreciation that have been received: “Please allow me to begin this letter by thanking you for the beautiful new songs in our new songbook. They are moving, faith-strengthening, and comforting – a delightful gift from Jehovah.”

    It is our desire that the songbook Sing to Jehovah will be a source of comfort and encouragement to our worldwide brotherhood. Whether we are alone or gathered together with our fellow worshipers, may we use it to express our love for our heavenly father, Jehovah!


    1. What motivated young David to compose some

    of his psalms?

    IN HIS youth, David spent countless hours

    in the fields near Bethlehem tending

    his father’s flocks. As he watched over the

    sheep, David could observe Jehovah’s magnificent

    creative works: the starry heavens,

    “the beasts of the open field,” and “the birds

    of heaven.” He was deeply affected by what

    he saw—so much so that he was moved to

    compose heart-stirring songs of praise to

    the Maker of these wonderful things. Many

    of David’s compositions can be found in the

    book of Psalms._—Read Psalm 8:3, 4, 7-9.


    How many jw children do you know that are encouraged to compose and play songs of praise to God? How many are taught music, either at school or privately? How many even have access to a musical instrument?

    How many jws have that kind of free time, are encouraged to learn about the stars? Most likely they are told that it interferes with personal study, meeting attendance, and door to door.

    ***w04 5/1 p. 18 par. 22 Youths, Are You Building for the Future? *** A spiritual view of things will likely lead you to make decisions that others will not understand. For example, one young Christian man was a gifted musician and an honor student in every subject at school. When he graduated, he joined his father in a window-cleaning business so that he could pursue his chosen vocation as a full-time evangelizer, or pioneer.

    2. (a) What effect can music have on an individual?

    Give an example. (b) What can we learn about

    David’s relationship with Jehovah from Psalm 34:

    7, 8 and Psalm 139:2-8?

    2 It was likely during this period in his life

    that David perfected his skills as a musician.

    He became so accomplished, in fact,

    that he was invited to play the harp for

    King Saul. (Prov. 22:29) David’s music had a

    soothing effect on the troubled monarch, as

    good music often has on people even today.

    Whenever David took up his instrument,

    “there was relief for Saul and it was well with

    him.” (1 Sam. 16:23) The songs that this

    God-fearing musician and song writer composed

    have stood the test of time. Just think

    of it! Today, more than 3,000 years after David’s

    birth, millions of people from all walks

    of life and living in all parts of the earth regularly

    turn to the psalms of David for comfort

    and hope.—2 Chron. 7:6; read Psalm 34:

    7, 8; 139:2-8; Amos 6:5.

    *Interestingly, ten centuries after David’s death, a

    host of angels announced the birth of the Messiah to

    shepherds who were keeping watch over their flocks in

    the fields near Bethlehem.—Luke 2:4, 8, 13, 14.


    Are jws encouraged to become “so accomplished” that they are invited to play for a king? So how many songs by David do you know?

    I wonder what songs David played for Bath-sheba as he wooed her to become his lover, an adulteress?

    Did David compose a song to God how David’s other wives were going to be raped in public as a punishment to David?

    (Sidepoint: What kind of wench was Bath-sheba to marry the man who killed her husband?)

    Music’s Honorable Place in True Worship

    3, 4. What arrangements for performing sacred

    music were made in David’s day?

    3 David had talent, and he used his talent

    in the best way possible—to glorify Jehovah.

    After he became king of Israel, David arranged

    for the tabernacle services to include

    beautiful music. More than one tenth

    of all the active Levites—some 4,000 of

    them—were assigned as “givers of praise,”

    with 288 being “trained in song to Jehovah,

    all experts.”—1 Chron. 23:3, 5; 25:7.


    Do jws today use their musical talent today? Do they play instruments at the KH or the assemblies/conventions?

    Are 1/10 of active jws trained in music? Does the WTS encourage it?

    ***w60 8/15 p. 492 Sing and Make a Joyful Noise! ***Jehovah’s witnesses glorify Jehovah today by singing ‘the new song,’ proclaiming from house to house the message of God’s established kingdom.So Jehovah’s witnesses recognize that carrying on pure worship is the all-essential thing and that it comes before trained choirs and music.

    4 David himself composed many of the

    songs that the Levites performed. Any Israelites

    who were privileged to be present on the

    occasions when David’s psalms were sung

    must have been deeply moved by what they

    heard. Later, when the ark of the covenant

    was brought up to Jerusalem, “David . . . said

    to the chiefs of the Levites to station their

    brothers the singers with the instruments of

    song, stringed instruments and harps and

    cymbals, playing aloud to cause a sound of

    rejoicing to arise.”—1 Chron.15:16.


    So do the songs today show musical talent, expertise? Who does compose today’s WTS songs? Where did they get their training? Do they bring in Prince, George Benson, Rebbie Jackson, etc.?

    Remember that David did not have the ark brought in correctly, and Uzzah died because of that not David.

    ***it-1 p. 167 Ark of the Covenant *** David’s desire to have the Ark brought to Jerusalem was a good one, but the method he first used led to disaster. Instead of having it carried by the poles on the shoulders of the Kohathite Levites as instructed, David let it be placed on a wagon. The bulls caused a near upset, and Uzzah was struck down because he reached out to grab hold of the Ark, contrary to God’s law.—2Sa 6:2-11; 1Ch 13:1-11; 15:13; Nu 4:15.

    5, 6. (a) Why was so much attention given to music

    during David’s reign? (b) How do we know that

    music was considered to have an important place in

    worship in ancient Israel?

    5 Why was so much attention given to

    music in David’s day? Was it just because

    the king was a musician? No, there was another

    reason, which was revealed centuries

    later when righteous King Hezekiah revived

    the services at the temple. At 2 Chronicles

    29:25, we read: “He [that is, Hezekiah]

    had the Levites stationed at the house of

    Jehovah, with cymbals, with stringed instruments

    and with harps, by the commandment

    of David and of Gad the king’s

    visionary and of Nathan the prophet, for it

    was by the hand of Jehovah that the commandment

    was by means of his prophets.”


    So it was by God’s command through the prophets…so who are the prophets today? Is the WTS saying they are a prophet because they designed the songbook?

    "All True Christians ARE Prophets. The New American Bible correctly states: "Prophet means 'one who speaks for another,' especially for God. It does not necessarily mean that he predicts the future!" … You will be interested to learn that God has on earth a people, all of whom are prophets, or witnesses for God. In fact, they are known throughout the world as Jehovah's Witnesses." Awake! 1986 June 8 p. 9

    6 Yes, through his prophets, Jehovah directed

    his worshippers to praise him with

    song. Singers from the priestly tribe were

    even exempted from duties that other Levites

    were required to perform so that they

    could devote sufficient time to composition

    and, most likely, to rehearsal.—1 Chron.



    Imagine, would jws today be “exempted from duties that other Levities were required to perform so that they could devote sufficient time to composition and, most likely, to rehearsal?” What scripture is that? Does anyone know?

    What about today? Why were orchestras at the assemblies and conventions disbanded in the 1970’s?

    I was in those orchestras. They ended just about the time recordings of the "kingdom" songs came out. We were given the reason mentioned above, taking up too much time from "field service."

    *** Proclaimers book jv chap. 16 p. 241 Meetings for Worship, Instruction, and Encouragement ***

    1966: "Singing and Accompanying Yourselves With Music in Your Hearts"(119 songs covering every aspect of Christian living and worship. Music known to have originated with secular or false-religious sources was deleted. Orchestral recordings of the entire book were made and were extensively used as accompaniment in congregation meetings. Some vocal selections were also recorded. Starting in 1980, recordings of orchestral arrangements of "Kingdom Melodies" were produced so that at home individuals could enjoy music that would be upbuilding)

    Here's the Question Box that ended live music in the KH and conventions/assemblies in my area.

    *** km 11/76 p. 8 Question Box ***

    Is it proper that the body of elders arrange for musical accompaniment for congregational singing other than using the Society’s recordings?

    This is a matter for decision by the body of elders. Accompaniment for singing does help the congregation to sing well. Some congregations may not have record players to use in playing the Society’s recordings. Where qualified persons with musical talent are available, many congregations prefer to have piano or other instrumental accompaniment. It would not be good to try to use someone who does not really know how to play an instrument well.

    When recordings are used, care should be used to replace worn-out or damaged records, thus maintaining the high standard of the meetings that should be found in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    7, 8. Where singing our Kingdom songs is concerned,

    what is more important than skill?

    7 You may say, “Where singing is concerned,

    I most certainly would never have

    been counted among the experts who performed

    at the tabernacle!” But not all of the

    Levite musicians were experts. According to

    1 Chronicles 25:8, there were ‘learners’ as

    well. It is also worth noting that there may

    have been some very skilled musicians and

    singers from among the other tribes of Israel,

    but Jehovah assigned the Levites to care

    for the music. We may be sure that whether

    they were ‘experts’ or ‘learners,’ all of the

    faithful Levites put their heart into the task.


    Who is an expert? What happens when someone in the hall has a good voice and “stands out”? They are told to tone it down…not to call attention to themselves or not to sing the harmony because it makes it hard for others to sing along. I was told that in 1986….finally in 1997:

    ***w97 2/1 pp. 27-28 Music’s Place in Modern Worship ***However, those who sing with skill or who have exceptionally fine voices should never be discouraged from singing out. A beautiful voice can provide strong support to a congregation singing praises to Jehovah.

    ***w97 2/1 p. 28 Music’s Place in Modern Worship *** Singing at our meetings also provides an appropriate setting for singing harmony parts to the melodies. Those who have an ear for harmony or who can read the harmony lines in the songbook and voice them are encouraged to blend in with the singing and add to the beauty of the music.

    So does the new songbook have the harmony lines any more? Does that mean no one can sing harmony?

    8 David loved music and he was skilled at

    it. But is it talent alone that counts with

    God? At Psalm 33:3, David wrote: “Do your

    best at playing on the strings along with joyful

    shouting.” The message is clear: What

    counts is that we ‘do our best’ in praising



    Here comes the adjustment…it is not necessary to sing well….just shout. Maybe these poor people could improve with some training.

    ***w97 2/1 p. 28 Music’s Place in Modern Worship *** Some have improved their voices by simply humming while doing chores. Humming helps smooth out the tone of the voice. And at appropriate times while we are alone or working where we would not disturb others, singing Kingdom melodies is an excellent exercise for the voice and a means of putting one in a joyful, relaxed frame of mind.

    We can also encourage singing a few of the Kingdom songs at gatherings . Such singing, accompanied by an instrument such as a guitar or a piano or by the Society’s piano recordings, gives a spiritual tone to our gatherings. It also provides an aid for learning the songs and singing them well at congregation meetings.

    The Role of Music After David’s Day

    9. Describe what you might have seen and heard if

    you had attended the inauguration of the temple

    during Solomon’s reign.

    9 During Solomon’s reign, music was featured

    in pure worship in a large way. At the

    inauguration of the temple, there was a full scale

    orchestra, with a brass section composed

    of 120 trumpets. (Read 2 Chronicles 5:

    12.) The Bible tells us that “the trumpeters

    [who were all priests] and the singers were as

    one in causing one sound to be heard in

    praising and thanking Jehovah, . . . ‘for he is

    good, for to time indefinite is his loving kindness.’

    ”As soon as that joyful sound had

    gone up, “the house itself was filled with a

    cloud,” indicating Jehovah’s approval. How

    thrilling, how awe-inspiring it must have

    been to hear the sound of all those trumpets

    along with thousands of singers blending as

    one!—2 Chron. 5:13.


    Full scale orchestra…how much time does the Bethel orchestra waste, taking time away from speaking about God?

    Can jws count their time singing as part of their preaching and mark it on a slip?

    Would jws have this same exciting sight at an assembly?

    ***w79 3/1 p. 30 A City That Jehovah Guarded *** It must have been an exciting sight to view the colorful procession of two large thanksgiving choirs singing as they marched around the top of the wall.—Neh. 10:32–11:2; 12:27-39.

    10, 11. What shows that early Christians used music

    in worship?

    10 Music was also used in worship by

    the early Christians. Of course, first-century

    worshippers met, not in tabernacles or in

    temples, but in private homes. Because of

    persecution and other factors, the conditions

    under which they met were often less

    than favorable. Still, those Christians did

    praise God in song.


    Early Christians meet in private homes…where were the KHs in their day, why none? How many KHs were there before 1935?

    *** jv chap. 20 p. 319 Building Together on a Global Scale ***

    The name Kingdom Hall was suggested in 1935 by J. F. Rutherford, who was then president of the Watch Tower Society. In connection with the Society’s branch facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii, he arranged for the brothers to construct a hall where meetings could be held. When James Harrub asked what Brother Rutherford was going to call the building, he replied: "Don’t you think we should call it ‘Kingdom Hall,’ since that is what we are doing, preaching the good news of the Kingdom?" Thereafter, where possible, halls regularly being used by the Witnesses gradually began to be identified by signs that said "Kingdom Hall." Thus, when the London Tabernacle was renovated in 1937-38, it was renamed Kingdom Hall.

    11 The apostle Paul exhorted his Christian

    brothers in Colossae: “Keep on . . . admonishing

    one another with psalms, praises

    to God, spiritual songs with graciousness.”

    (Col. 3:16) After Paul and Silas were thrown

    into prison, they began “praying and praising

    God with song,” although they had no

    songbook to follow. (Acts 16:25) If you were

    thrown into prison, how many of our Kingdom

    songs would you be able to sing from



    I wonder how many jws know the songs well enough to sing them without a songbook like Paul and Silas? I’m sure that the early Christians did not have songbooks, how many could read even, memorization was the only way? I wonder if they composed new songs or sang the old ones in the OT? How many jws practice the songs…how many know how many books are in the Bible (66)? How many can name the 12 apostles or the 9 fruitages of the spirit without a WT publication or bible?

    12. How can we show appreciation for our Kingdom


    12 Since music has an honorable place in

    our worship, we do well to ask ourselves:

    ‘Do I show proper appreciation for it? Do I

    Do my best to arrive at meetings, assemblies,

    and conventions in time to join my brothers

    and sisters in the opening song, and then do

    I sing out with feeling? Do I encourage my

    children not to view the song between the

    Theocratic Ministry School and the Service

    Meeting or the one between the public talk

    and the Watchtower Study as a sort of intermission,

    an opportunity for them to leave

    their seats unnecessarily, perhaps just to

    stretch their legs?’ Singing is part of our

    worship. Yes, whether we are ‘experts’ or

    ‘learners,’ all of us can—and should—unite

    our voices to Jehovah’s praise.—Compare

    2 Corinthians 8:12.


    If you can’t miss the songs, how do you find time to go to the restroom…go during the announcements. Do children have the problem, or do adults? Can you imagine how petty this is to waste a paragraph chastising parents for not singing the song….songs that no one can sing well? What song would they be missing, the middle one….what a sin!

    Changing Times, Changing Needs

    13, 14. What value is there in singing out wholeheartedly

    during congregation meetings? Illustrate.

    13 More than 100 years ago, Zion’s Watch

    Tower explained one of the reasons why our

    Kingdom songs are so important. It stated:

    “The singing of the truth is a good way to

    get it into the heads and hearts of God’s people.”

    Many of the lyrics of our songs are tied

    to passages of Scripture, so learning the

    words of at least some of the songs can be an

    excellent way to sound down the truth into

    our hearts. Often, a first-time visitor to our

    meetings has been deeply moved by the

    heartfelt singing of the congregation.


    So what words, God’s or the WTS, are being put into the heads of their members? Did you ever have a first-time visitor be moved by singing at a KH? What do they think they are, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Could not find an experience on the WT-CD.

    14 One evening in 1869, C. T. Russell was

    returning home from work when he heard

    singing coming from a basement

    hall. At that time in

    his life, he had despaired of

    ever finding the truth about

    God. So he had decided to

    devote himself to his business

    interests, reasoning that

    if he made some money, he

    would at least be able to address

    the physical needs of

    people even if he could not

    help them spiritually. Brother

    Russell entered the dusty,

    dingy hall and found that religious

    services were being

    held there. He sat down and

    listened. He later wrote that what he heard

    that night “was sufficient, under God, to reestablish

    [his] wavering faith in the divine

    inspiration of the Bible.” Notice that it was

    the singing that initially attracted Brother

    Russell to the meeting.


    So the WTS has to go back to 1869 to find an experience of a first-time visitor being influenced by religious singing…and it was not members of the WTS either later Bible Students or jws.

    15. What refinements in understanding made a revision

    of the songbook advisable?

    15 As time passes, refinements are made in

    our understanding of the Scriptures. Proverbs

    4:18 says: “The path of the righteous

    ones is like the bright light that is getting

    lighter and lighter until the day is firmly established.”

    Increased light inevitably leads

    to adjustments in the way in which we ‘sing

    the truth.’ For the past 25 years, Jehovah’s

    Witnesses in many lands have enjoyed using

    the songbook entitled Sing Praises to Jehovah.*

    In the years since that book was first

    published, the light has been getting brighter

    on a number of topics, and some of the

    expressions used in that songbook have become

    outdated. For example, we no longer

    speak of “the new order” but of “the new

    world.” And we now state that Jehovah’s

    name will be “sanctified,” not “vindicated.”

    Clearly, from a doctrinal standpoint, there

    has been a need to bring our songbook up-to-


    *The entire collection of 225 songs was available in

    over 100 languages.


    So why were the expressions wrong…from the Bible or men? What is wrong with “the new order” and why is “the new world” correct. Until when did the WTS use “the new order” in its publications? When did the WTS stop saying God’s name would be sanctified not vindicated and what was wrong doctrinally? Did you know that Rutherford peppered his writings with vindicating God’s name to support his newly selected name for members of the WTS, Jehovah’s witnesses.

    New Order = frequent use started in 1962

    New World = frequent use started in 1987 (adjusted for the New World Translation)

    Name vindicated = Note the WTS does not pinpoint when this changed and except for this comment, there is no article. If you look through Rutherford’s books almost every page has a statement about vindicating God’s name, starting in 1931 when the WTS adopted the name Jehovah’s witnesses. Rutherford was trying to put the Bible Students behind him.

    By 1980 the WTS had made the transfer to “sanctifying God’s name.”

    ***w95 5/15 p. 25 par. 17 Part 2—Flashes of Light—Great and Small ***Similarly, for a long time, Witnesses spoke of the vindication of Jehovah’s name. But had Satan called Jehovah’s name into question? For that matter, had any of Satan’s agents done so, as if Jehovah did not have a right to that name? No, not at all. It was not the name of Jehovah that was challenged and that needed to be vindicated. That is why the Watch Tower Society’s recent publications do not speak of Jehovah’s name as being vindicated. They speak of Jehovah’s sovereignty as being vindicated and of his name as being sanctified. This is in keeping with what Jesus told us to pray: “Let your name be sanctified.” (Matthew 6:9) Time and again, Jehovah said that he was going to sanctify his name, which the Israelites had not challenged but had profaned.—Ezekiel 20:9, 14, 22; 36:23.

    Did they finally eliminate “present truth”? Although this phrase had been dropped with the advent of the NWT and change in terminology, it could still be found in the 1984 songbook in song 91. Wasn’t it necessary in 1984 to update the terminology?

    16. How will our new songbook help us to follow

    Paul’s counsel found at Ephesians 5:19?

    16 For that and other reasons, the Governing

    Body approved the publication of a

    new songbook entitled Sing to Jehovah. The

    number of songs in our new book has been

    reduced to 135. Because there are fewer

    songs to learn, it should be possible for us to

    memorize the lyrics of at least some of the

    new songs. This is in harmony with Paul’s

    counsel recorded at Ephesians 5:19.—Read.


    225 to 135—less to learn, how many jws didn’t know the 225 from the songbook released in 1984? Jws hadn’t memorized the songs from the 1984 edition?

    You Can Show Your Appreciation

    17. What thoughts can help us overcome the fear of

    embarrassment where congregation singing is concerned?

    17 Should we allow fear of embarrassment

    to prevent us from singing out at Christian

    meetings? Look at it this way: Where the

    spoken word is concerned, is it not true that

    “we all stumble many times”? (Jas. 3:2)

    Yet, we do not allow our less-than-perfect

    speech to prevent us from praising Jehovah

    from house to house. Why, then, should

    our imperfect singing voices prevent us

    from praising God in song? Jehovah, who

    “appointed a mouth for man,” is pleased to

    listen as we use our voices to sing his praises.

    —Ex. 4:11.


    Fear of embarrassment…from singing badly written songs, yes. What a non-honor to God! More chastisement for not singing….why did the singing get worse?

    PICTURE: Do you discourage your children from leaving

    their seat unnecessarily during the song?

    18. Give suggestions for learning the lyrics of the


    18 The CDs entitled Sing to Jehovah—Vocal

    Renditions have been made available in a

    number of languages. They feature beautiful

    orchestral and choral renderings of the

    new songs. The musical arrangements make

    for most enjoyable listening. Listen to them

    often; in that way you will soon learn the

    lyrics of at least some of our new songs.

    The lyrics of many of the songs have

    been composed in such a way that

    when you sing one line, you will almost

    be able to anticipate what

    comes next. So when you play the

    CDs, why not try to sing along

    with the chorus? If you get well acquainted

    with the lyrics and the music at home, you will no

    doubt be able to sing out more confidently

    at the Kingdom Hall.


    Do the elders have the songs played so loud that the audience can’t hear the music? The CDs are enjoyable because no one is singing on them…are the new songs designed for singing, not every song is. Why can you anticipate…if you never heard it before. Jws play the CDs at home?!

    I wonder how congregations sing at KHs with quite a few Bethelites…near Wallkill and Patterson? My experience was that it was no better.

    19. What steps are involved in preparing orchestral

    renditions of our Kingdom songs?

    19 It is easy to take for granted the musical

    accompaniment that we enjoy at our special

    assembly days, circuit assemblies, and district

    conventions. A lot of work is involved

    in its preparation. After the music has been

    selected, orchestral arrangements must be

    carefully written for the 64-member Watchtower

    orchestra to play. The musicians then

    spend countless hours reviewing the material

    that they will rehearse and finally record

    at our studios in Patterson, New York.

    Ten of these brothers and sisters live outside

    the United States. All count it a privilege to

    share in providing beautiful music for our

    theocratic events. We can show our appreciation

    for their loving efforts. When the

    chairman at our assemblies and conventions

    invites us to do so, let us take our seats

    promptly and listen quietly to the music

    that has been so lovingly prepared.


    So how much time have the jws who do the arrangements and play in the orchestra take away from field service, meeting attendance, and personal study, the reasons given for ending assembly/convention orchestras.

    When you look around at the assemblies/conventions who are the ones still talking during the songs….elders and their wives, the so-called spiritually mature. Do the brothers in the administration room pull out their songbooks and sing…not that I ever noticed when I worked in that area?

    20. What are you determined to do?

    20 Jehovah takes note of our songs of

    praise. They are important to him. We can

    make his heart glad by singing out with all

    our heart whenever we meet for worship.

    Yes, whether we are experts or learners, let

    us “sing to Jehovah”!—Ps.104:33.


    This is a one-note article; the rank and file are not singing, not even like they used to. The GB/FDS/WTS are making this one big flog.

    PICTURE: Are you learning the lyrics

    of our new songs at home?

    What Do You Think?

    What examples from Bible times

    show that music has an important

    role in our worship?

    What connection do you see between

    obeying Jesus’ command

    recorded at Matthew 22:37 and

    sharing wholeheartedly in singing

    Kingdom songs?

    What are some ways in which we

    can show proper appreciation for

    our Kingdom songs?



    Love, Blondie

  • glentrevette

    we had a brother who was a prison gaurd at jail called the don jail here in toronto he told me he was patrolling the prison and heard someone singing we are jehovahs witnesses at the top of their voices the man singing was a man named dale oswald who was a pedophile who had mental health issues who associated with our congregation

  • baltar447

    Ouch, a pedofile singing praises. There's a good witness (NOT).

  • blondie

    It shows in the end it's what you do that matters, not what you sing or say.

  • EmptyInside

    How does new light effect a song's melody,if you want to call it that? They're just mad because hardly anyone likes the new song book.

    Yes,I know some Witness zealots who play the CD and practice the new songs. They torture other publishers out in service with it,as they are held hostage in their cars.

    I remember this past memorial,and two of the songs that are normally used such as,"Bread From Heaven" were completely changed in melody and words. I really preferred the original much better.

    It's true,it's their way of telling the rank and file off for not liking the new song book.

  • Pistoff

    An entire study lesson about the importance of music; wow, talk about a study about nothing.

    I wonder how much choice Bathsheba had about anything to do with David; my take is that whenever David enters the scene, he is killing or having sex, one of those 2 things.

    When David comes on the scene, Nabal dies, Jonathan dies, Saul dies, Bathsheba's husband dies, Saul's enemies die, David collects "foreskins".

    David; the bible's favorite adulterous killing machine.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    After the music has been selected, orchestral arrangements must be carefully written for the 64-member Watchtower orchestra to play. The musicians then spend countless hours reviewing the material that they will rehearse and finally record at our studios in Patterson, New York. Ten of these brothers and sisters live outside the United States.

    So, out of more than a million JW's in the US, they cannot find 64 musicians! So they bring them in from abroad. What a complete and utter waste of money.



    Good Afternoon Blondie!..

    I`ve missed your threads while I was away..I`m happy I did`nt miss this one..

    This has to be one of the stupidist articles the WBT$ has written..I only need a few lines from the article,to tear it apart..

    In August 2007, a team of experienced composers and lyricists were invited to assist the Governing Body with the project.
    All of the songs in the previous songbook were examined meticulously to identify problems with doctrinal content, word emphasis, and melodic issues.

    We have Musicians who have Written for the WBT$,right here on Our Board..

    That work was interfered with and changed..

    By WBT$ Morons in Charge of the Project,with no real Grasp of Music..

    If the WBT$ would have let them do their work..The music from the WBT$ song book,would`nt sound so "Shit Aweful"..

    Why bother to let Professional Musicans create Melodies..Only to have them destroyed by Knuckle Dragging,Tone Deaf,WBT$ know-it-all,Neandrethals?..

    Not only is the WBT$ Music,Shit...

    So is the Message in the Lyrics..If you have to change them,because thats no longer what the WBT$ teaches..

    The WBT$ is Run by Idiots..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • MrFreeze

    Music was probably the one thing I liked about the meetings. Granted the songs were stupid but most songs were pretty catchy. This new song book is utter garbage. I can't believe they actually ok'd it.

    I also love the double standard here as well. Thank God these professional musicians didn't take the advice of the GB to avoid making something of themselves in this world to compose this trash.

  • DaCheech






  • designs

    The mantra among the local BOE was that kids who go into music leave the Truth.

    Don't expect the next Chopin in that kind of environment.....

  • OnTheWayOut

    It is rather disgusting that they go on and on praising the GB involvement to make members feel their love in this matter when it's really about keeping the indoctrination message current.

    Your thoughts, Blondie, on JW kids not being allowed the same effort into music or other extracurricular things as David was are dead on. I love your quoting them on some kid pursuing the typical JW trade, giving up a music pursuit.

  • bobld


    The new songs are garbage.When you listen to the singing of the new songsOUCH..It's like a teacher getting the 1st graders to sing a new song.They sound awful.

    What is it with updating their bs couldn't they get it right in the 1st place.Oh,I forgot it was right until they changed it,but you have to wait for the slow pokes and dare not correct them or you get the boot.


  • WingCommander

    An entire article on how we should all be thankful for those new awful songs, a dressing down for those not memorizing them, and advice on how to keep your pesky, ADD children in their seats for an entire 2-hour indoctrination meeting???

    Just when you think you've seen it all from these control freaks, some article like this comes out!!! Seriously, if I were still in, articles like this one and the one last year about couples not showing affection during the meetings/prayer would seriously have me shaking my head and going - CULT - CULT ALERT!!!!! Because really, even when I was in (raised as a JW) there is no way that this type of stupid shit would be able to just flow in one ear and out the other......just no freakin' way!!! The shear "brazen" gold balls that these articles display is just incredible!!! What's next, advice on how to smack the shit out of your "disobedient" children when they have to pee during the meeting, as in how to do it in such a way that it doesn't leave those pesky bruises that "Worldly" teachers might see at school?

    I've been saying this for years, and I used to kind of half kid about it....but seriously, "The beatings will continue until morale improves" seems to be the "theme" of the Governing Body when it comes to "shepharding" Christ's flock. When in doubt, "Flog the Flock!!!!"

    Songs suck so bad that people barely mumble them? "Flog the Flock!!!!"

    Publishers becoming apathetic and disallusioned with field service? "Flog the Flock!!!!"

    Sighining and moaning over "The End" not coming yet? "Flog the Flock!!!!" (Also known as beating your fellow slaves)

    Generation of 1914 99% all dead? Not the GB's fault, so fugg 'em, "Flog the Flock!!!!!" (it's their own fault after all for reading more into what was said, just like in 1975! Hey, it worked for ol' Freddy, so let's lay the blame at the sheep's feet and blame them again, suckers!!!) Flog 'em!!!

    Youth leaving in droves? Time to tighten the screws and outright ban the internet and education!! "Flog the Flock!!!"

    Need a blood transfusion? Hell no....we'll make it so confusing even an MIT graduate couldn't figure out the official policy, "Flog the Flock!!!"

    Secret Elder's Book? What secret Elder's book? Have you been reading apostate websites again? Fugg you straying sheep, we'll DF you and your family can "flog" you from now on - Fugg ya'!!!!

    Little Johhny the Bethelite was molested 5 years ago by Brother McFeely? Do you have 2 Witnesses? You don't? Well, even though you claim to have been "flogged" by Bro. McFeely, you have no evidence, so we'll flog you again, this time emotionally!!!! Flog you, pedophile victim!! Bro McFeely will be appointed Accounts Secretary next month!!

    See the pattern? Blame the victims.......they can take it. Nothing is ever the GB's fault....not even the shitty songs that they themselves commanded be written and composed!!

  • WTWizard

    This article can be readily split into two parts. The first 10 paragraphs discuss people that spent their whole lives mastering music. One cannot really appreciate the results because there are no recordings that survive. What is in the Bible are some of the lyrics, but putting them to music is at best guesswork. What they will not disclose is that most witlesses are not allowed to practice real singing to this extent.

    Now that you get the tone of the discussion about excellent music, they insert the Kingdumb maladies. This is a complete fallacy, since the quality of the Kingdumb maladies is nowhere near what the kings used to make. Regular church music gets it closer, but even that is guesswork at best. They tell the witlesses that it is their fault that they cannot get it right. Again, they will not disclose that the song on the CD is not being rendered exactly as is in the book. They did that on purpose because they do not want the witlesses to feel they are mastering anything. Rather, they write the book to sound like dying cats when sung properly, and put a different version on the CD.

    Mammoth project? I wonder what the Beatles would say about that. They had a much smaller group, and had to produce multiple albums within a 3 year period (and many more in another 3 years after that). Even when the Beatles split, they produced more than 135 songs. Many of these were being produced for other artists, which is common practice in the music business. Another artist and producer that would beg to differ is Quincy Jones, who produces music for quite a few other R&B acts. These acts not only have to record and assemble the songs, but they have to promote them. They also need photographs or artwork for their albums to sell them. And they have to go on tour to promote their albums, further taking time away from producing more songs. For sure, they don't have anything like the crew the witlesses could have recruited.

  • punkofnice

    The songs are just as bad as they ever were. Cold, austere crap baiting the R&F to follow men.

    I recon that as the R&F murmer the tuneless 'songs', they are not really taking notice of what they sing and it filters down into a sdubliminal level. OBEY! FOLLOW THE GB.

    More cult mind control tactics.

    Honestly, are any of the songs REALLY worshipful of god?

    Just look at the bait and switch travesty 'Ever Loyal' it ends with 'Obey the GB' in essence.

  • WalkTall

    Just came from the meeting. Everyone sang the last song with gusto! Wonder how long that will last? Most likely, this article will be forgotten by the next meeting and everyone will be back to stumbling through the WT's musical mess.

  • Slayerbard

    OMG I'm so glad I faded! If I would have had to sit though a whole 45 study praising that piece of CRAP that the new song book it. I would have to gone to the bathroom several times to be sick. Shows they are REALLY having issues with people not liking it. That NOW they do a whole article praising it. "here you're all brainwashed anyway.. you will like it, cause we said you should like it!" lol Glad to be out of there...... Thank you Blonde!! I aways wait til you summary comes up to call home, incase they asked how the meeting was. "oh yes, I especially loved the watchtower study on the new beautiful song book" hahaha.. You're sooo appreciated Blonde!!


  • strawberry cake
    strawberry cake

    About a year before I left the organisation an elderly brother I was fond of was in a hospice and on his death bed. I went to see him before he died. we spent some time with him. Hoping to pray with him and to remind him of the kingdom hope and all that. I held his hand and as he was a keen singer thought he might like to sing song 15 'Life without end at last"

    Instead, however, he let out a beautiful rendition of a gosple song where he was going to meet the Lord in heaven. He sung it beautifully and as we were so caught up with everything emotionally, we kind of joined in with the chorus. I thought at the time. why is he not calling on Jehovah right now and singing kingdom melodies.Funny really, and he was a funny man.

  • BluesBrother

    A little light relief for the congs , to discuss singing, I bet a little lightheartedly...

    Mind you, one thing that dub meetings really lack is decent music and proper Christian singing. The songs are poor, the c/d accompanyment is soulless and often played too low...and the singing is dreadfull.. Occasionally they print articles that encourage singing up, but what training or musical education do they supply? None! Since the kids opt out of school assembly, they know nothing about breathing, the pauses or musical expertise. Note the idea in par 8 summarised as "You may not be a good singer but just do your best" What about giving some information that would help them improve?

    I can dimly remember a choir at one time at our Circuit was soon disbanded as a distraction from the all important Ministry.

    It is true that music should be seen as God's gift..It would uplift the meetings no end to have it done properly, They talk about it, provide a set of rubbish songs and leave them to get on with it..

    All this about accuracy in the words, being updated ....does that really matter? Church hymns are hundreds of years old and much loved. The uplift is from the feeling and soul, not the accurate words...

    The final paragrapg tells them that they can "Make Jehovah's heart glad" by their singing, so why do they not do more practical things to improve the quality of the singing?

    (BTW...Thanks to Blondie for the WT thread..I miss it if it is not here. I hope it means that you are feeling better now)

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