March 2011 Our Kingdom Ministry?

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  • Cfldjamie

    Sorry to trouble you all, but does anyone have a scanable copy of the March 2011 Kingdom Ministry (British), or know where I could possibly download a copy? Have managed in previous months to find them online, but this one is proving elusive!

    Not attended the meetings in ages been to ill, and it now appears the congregation's forgotten about me! No literatures/mags in ages.

    But I understand the new publication for study starts in March "Bearing Thorough Witness" About God's Kingdom, and I would be interested in seeing the format for this study.

    Thank you in advance of anyones assistance, much appreciated.


  • jookbeard

    lots of changes James and none for the better, dont worry they will catch up with you sooner or later

  • Cfldjamie

    Well am certainly not going to rush back, if they can't come to me and pay a cival visit to see how I am. why should I make an effort.

    Surprisingly the local Methodist minister whom visits the hospital I was in, showed more interest in me then the local congregation of Witnesses.

    Most annoyingly the circuit did door the door ministry on my street yesterday, not one thought to knock on the door and see how I am!

  • callitquits76

    Nobody been around to visit Jamie?

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton
    the circuit did door the door ministry on my street yesterday, not one thought to knock on the door and see how I am!

    Sounds like the start of a successful fade to me, if that is what you want.

  • Honesty

    Jamie, be thankful that you are flying under their radar.

    I wish I had been able to stay under their radar screens.

    It would have made my relocating out of the cult a much smoother experience although I have

    found out who my real friends are and am happy about that because I hate fake friends.

  • jookbeard

    what did you expect Jamie when they were banging your street, a big placard outside your door with "come back Jamie" and a load of visitors all standing with Pumpkin pie/Cheesecake and a bucket of Ice Cream? right outside your door singing some old Kingdom melody!The thing is Jamie is that you are labelled as a Spiritually Weak waste of time,a slacker someone who probably leading a double life,with the wrong heart condition and someone who knows Armageddon is so close yet has given up hope,someone who is better off dead after rejecting the spiritual banquet that the Mother had been feeding you and now you are in spiritual wilderness,starving,you are dead in their eyes Jamie and they cant count time talking to you. If ever there was as much gossip spread around a cong it's about types like you Jamie, almost as bad as being an Apostate.

  • watson

    Welcome Cjamie.

    You set 'em up....we'll find someone to knock 'em out!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It's exactly that kind of neglect that broke my heart.

    People sick enough to be in hospitals, victims of violent armed robberies, and other such horrible things need the tender loving care that the WTS brags about giving to their members.

    Talk is cheap. Their inactions and apathy spoke to me louder than any words ever spoken from the podium.

    Welcome to the board and I sure hope that whatever is ailing you goes away soon.



  • fokyc

    As soon as I get it I will scan and post; the elders don't rush round to my door and deliver!

    I have to wait for Sister Fokyc to collect it.

  • Quandry

    Welcome. Sorry you were in the hospital.

    My husband was an elder for many years. Eventually, as he was getting older, he got diabetes, high blood pressure, and other things. He was the WT overseer.

    For awhile, until the new meds were keeping him stable, he could not conduct the WT, and of course, others had to step up to take his place. When he returned, the elders met with him and told him

    he did not "handle his illness correctly." I suppose they meant that he should have been ill only on non-meeting nights, and not have been such a bother to others!

    Please read of the many life stories of people on this board. You will probably feel lots of sympathy for them as you read of their treatment at the Kingdom Hall. Working your street and not even stopping

    by to see how you were was not Christian, nor loving-from an organization that says that love is their identifying mark.

  • jookbeard

    thats outrageous Quandry, how exactly was your hubby meant to handle his sickness and what exactly did they mean by it?

  • Quandry

    Sorry, Jookbeard, I didn't see your reply earlier.

    Since he was the WT conductor, he was highly visible. While he was going to the doctor for tests, drinking stuff that makes you go to the bathroom, like barium, he could not go to the meetings. Also, when he was first diagnosed with diabetes, it takes awhile to get the correct dosage. His blood sugar would fall, and he didn't feel good. The blood pressure medications made him extremely dizzy until those dosages were regulated. While he was going through all the tests, he truly did not know what was wrong with him, and so could not tell the body of elders, nor could he predict how long it would be until he would be able to regularly take over the WT lessons again.

    Obviously, this was too long and drawn out for them. I suppose one should either get well, and stop playing around, or die quickly so as not to cause any disruption in the congregation.

    What a show of love, eh?

  • Cfldjamie

    Thank you White Dove, your sentiments sum up so well how I am feeling at this time.

    It's strange at the amount of support I am currently receiving from genuine people who are not from the local congregation.

    Just shows there is some good people still in Christendom!

  • Cfldjamie

    Why is it that the older sisters, still put younger ones to shame.

    Had a visit from an elderly sister this afternoon to see how I am. Also brought my literature.

    94 years old and still able to walk to see me, when all the younger ones have cars etc.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I have relatives within driving distance who go see my parents just once a year. They're usually too busy pioneering. I'd like to thank them for helping me wake up my mom and dad. You stay out in service, I'll keep my relationship with my parents!

  • Scott77

    Cfldjamie ,

    I do not see anything wrong for the active JWs not paying you a visit. In fact, this should be a blessing for you. Alot of us here would see this as the best thing one can have. We need peace of mind,not being bothered anymore with such visits. Many of us have been stalked so hard and we badly needs peace. People like Lady Lee and Mr. Flippers were extensively stalked and forced as a result, to change address and perhaps phone numbers. So please, look to positive side of not being visited. Read other stuff like Raymond Franz's Crisis of Conscience. Forget the OKM.


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