Reports of lower memorial attendance

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  • freein2004

    They are always in my neighborhood but never got an invite. I went for family reasons. Went to a local congregation's meeting. Actually it was two congregations that met in a hotel conference room. There were about two empty rows that could have for about 20 people. There were a few empty scattered seats that I could see around me. But I have no idea how large the congregations are.

    I didn't get any love bombing. I was in pants and never saw these dubs before. Talk was cold and dubs were cold. One lady did welcome me on my way in.

  • Lieu

    Odd memorial. I don't know about the numbers but I think Jesus was mentioned all of a whopping 3 times. A passing thought.

    Last line (said nonchalantly): "As long as there is someone alive to partake, we'll keep having this memorial service. That's it".

    As for attendance, why go? If nothing going on applies to you then you weren't commanded to participate, observe, or celebrate in any way. It's not for you (other sheep masses).

  • jwleaks

    Maybe it was the timing of the official JW Press Release: 1 April 2015

    "April Fools Day"

    PR Newswire - Jehovah's Witnesses: Twenty Million Estimated to Attend Annual Event

  • Ruby456
    figures down by at least 25% in all four local congregations - the talking point amongst local JWs
  • WTWizard

    My policy with those wastes of paper is to either deface them (and by defacing them, I mean putting links to sites that do the exact opposite of what the jokehovians intended) or to shred them. And some scumbags showed up at my door Friday just before noon, and left one of those wastes of paper that ended up shredded. I would have liked to place a swastika on it and place it back, but that would be a blasphemy of the Swastika.

    Good thing they didn't bring an attorney with them, or I would have been forced against my will to waste the night (plus do an impromptu two-week mission in Mea Shearim). I haven't been at the dump since 2005, so I would not know how many people are there wasting the evening.

  • Ilovebirthdays
    This was the least effort of a tract campaign I've seen yet. My daughter opened the door (I was sitting 2 feet away but couldn't be seen by anyone at the door) because she thought it would be her friend coming over, and someone handed her a tract and told her to give it to her parents. She asked them why, and they just said "just give it to your parents" and walked away. She closed the door, took a step back so I could see her, shrugged her shoulders and took it straight to the recycling bin.
  • nevaagain

    i know i am late to this, but i still want to share something with you. I used help out with counting attendance on both assemblies and congregations. my rule was, count a kid if it is old enough to give a comment. always my numbers were not trusted by the responsible elders and they would increase them. i bet that happens more often than we think :-)

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