Armageddon Prior to 2000 and Capital Punishment Quotes

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  • bigmouth

    Two quotes I'm trying to locate, from the Mags I think, or possibly a book;

    1) One article (mid '80's ?) stated that it was concievable that this system could continue as far as the year 2000 but all the signs were it would never get this far. I remember making the comment to a brother at the time that things could go on a lot longer, he thought I was talking crazy and then the aforementioned article was published !

    2) With reference to ancient Hebrew law, the WT? tacitly approved of the idea of capital punishment in certain cases and I'm sure used the words "no repeat offenders"

    Can someone tell me how they find things like this without having to unpack old volumes and try to locate stuff for hours on end ?

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  • bigmouth

    Nobody likes me.

  • drwtsn32

    Maybe you're thinking of the 1/1/1989 Watchtower that said (speaking of the preaching work) "...would be completed in our 20th century"? The bound volume was changed to read "in our day."

  • TD
    With reference to ancient Hebrew law, the WT? tacitly approved of the idea of capital punishment in certain cases and I'm sure used the words "no repeat offenders"

    Awake! January 22, 1981, box on page 19:

    "Consistent death penalty for deliberate murder, hence, no repeat offenders—Num. 35:21"

    I don't think there's anything tacit about their approval at all though. As long as I can remember, it was taught that CP was enjoined upon mankind as a Divine requirment via the Noachian covenant.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I did not know until I read Supreme Court decisions dealing with public displays of the Ten Commandments by governments that there were Hebrew, Catholic and Protestant versions. Part of the problem is when endorsing a particular form, you are not endorsing other forms.

    Personally, I can't see Jesus stoning a human or even a rabid dog. The WTBTS has a blood thirty mind. It reminds me of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant where he screams Kill! Kill! Kill! in the draft center so he'd be taken for crazy but he was congratulated instead. Maybe my story is off. Contrary to what I planned, Alice's Restaurant is no longer played on radio. The station that promised it would play every Thanksgiving in NY is defunct. I only have vinyl with no turntable or preamp.

    It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. Now I can't remember the officer's name.

  • Pastelder

    The answer to question #1 above is found the the 10/15/80 WT Questions from Readers

  • bigmouth

    Thank you for all those replies, much appreciate your effort.

    I think Pastelder found the one I was after, the date seems earlier than I remember though. But drwtsn32 that's very interesting and is another one for the 'changed history' notes.

    TD, spot on, ta!

    And band on the run, know how you feel. I'm a vinyl nut too. I've just finished packing all my gear away for a move to Australia and I don't know how I'm going to cope without them all sitting in storage in NZ.

  • hamsterbait

    There was an Asleep magazine about 1974 that used all sorts of twisted statistics to justify the DP.

    They actually claimed that as the Jewish Death \penalty would put the people in "Fear" murders would be reduced.

    The fact is that after executions the murder rate rises. (One of the facts used when Michigan and Wisconsin got rid of the DP

    in the 1840s)

    It strikes me that jehoobies answer (!!) to every problem is Kill Kill Faster Faster.


    "The Nations Shall Know that I am Jehovah" (1972) said that the end of Christendom would be before the end of the 20th Century (p236 as I recall)

  • steve2

    My maternal grandfather - who otherwise was a lovely man - strongly believe that no matter what commands Jehovah God demanded of his people in the past could still be justified as "perfect".

    He used to say to us that mankind should be grateful that Jehovah's modern-day people merely warn the world of the upcoming destruction and that his people do not participate in that destruction. It was only years later that I realized that his thinking was quite sick. That's the kind of thinking that justifies terrorism (i.e., if you actually believe that God is specifically commanding you to kill apostates or infidels or worldly people, you'll find a way to do it. yet, strictly speaking, that's what happened in the pages of so-called "Holy" Scripture.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Don't know if this is one, can't access my CDrom so I'm only typing copying a piece I've already written down, hope it helps.

    Watchtower 1st march 1952 pp158-160.

    Questions from Readers

    'Do the courts of the land have the right to inflict capital punishment on those guilty of murder?

    .....................Hence, there does not seem to be any violation of Scriptural principle in the community's putting a murderer to death. It even seems a more Scriptural course than committing the murderer for life, to be thereafter fed and clothed and cared for at the expense of the community,..............''

    I'll try and post full answer again.

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