"You need to go through a study"

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  • sabastious

    How many times have you been told this in your Witness life? It was such a simple and humble solution to any problem... just go have a study with someone you trust.

    They are following a common human sociological code, but they twist in along the way.

    When a youth or young adult is having problems in their life. Whether that be faith or lonliness or depression or anything else it's always nice to talk to someone you can trust and love. It's even more special if that person can offer insight on your trouble and takes on a guidance role in your life.

    ^ The Witnesses take this loving human concept and sprinkle in their literature. So, to understand how the above scanario plays out you must understand the literature that is held as cornerstone in the mentor relationship.

    What are the publications like? Are they encouraging? Some do argue that they are.

    My opinion is that the publications always strive obedience to God, through God's organization, above all else. Am I crazy or something? Am I being controlled by some demonic force right now?

    No, I am using my brain, the Cardinal Witness Sin, "we cannot direct our own step" They chant.

    Not interested.


  • Finally-Free
    "we cannot direct our own step"

    It's been so long since I've been in a KH that I completely forgot that one and how offensive it is.


  • sabastious
    It's been so long since I've been in a KH that I completely forgot that one and how offensive it is.

    I believe there really is "something to" the way the meetings are arranged:

    Speaker at the podium talking doctrine and having the audience look up the "scripture snippets" all the time like that. It starts fooling the brain into thinking everything can be communicated in chanty catch phrases.

    "Do not be misled Bad association spoils useful habbits"
    "It is not for us, even to direct our own step"

    They are buzz phrases that come along with a kinds of emotions.


  • maninthemiddle

    Thought stopping phrases:

    There is no reason to have "independent thinking" as it is not for us to "direct our

    step" when the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and it's "Governing Body" will provide

    "food at the proper time" as "the light gets brighter", this means we should "take in

    knowledge" delivered by the "Anointed Remnant" at "the proper time" at "Christian

    Meetings" where we "encourage each other to love" in "unity", this leaves no room for

    "independent thinking".

    It is circular reasoning at its finest.

    PS: Did I get enough phrases in one sentence?

  • sabastious

    maninthemiddle, that was genius! A very sleek unconvering of the Watchtower Technique.


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