Top ten stories in The Watchtower Org. for 2010... Conference call Jan.29-2011

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    What were the most significant news events concerning The Watchtower Org. for the year 2010.Thanks to the internet we are now all able to see so many news stories exposing the Watchtower.Granted some of these stories are good public relations, but for the most part the stories coming across the net are a major embarrassment for The Jehovah's Witnesses. What news about The Org. created the biggest buzz this past year? Was it the release of the secret elders book that was instantly available in cyber space?How about the new light on the generation" the Lap over generation" and what about the selling off of much of their Brooklyn real estate and moving the world headquarters to upstate NY. Also why are many former witnesses showing so much hostility and contention toward one another. We welcome you all to come on the call today Jan 29-2011 at 7pm EST. It's easy to get on the call just dial 712-432-8710 and when asked for pin use # 9925 Our lines open up at 6:30 PM EST. so come on early and meet some new friends or talk with old friends and share your story with all those that have been touched by the tentacles of the Watchtower.

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