How many members are their on this forum ? Just curious.

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  • smiddy
  • alanv

    If you have the inclination you can click on the members button and you will see members names a to z. Their are many pages on each letter. So there are certainly hundreds of members.

    Good Luck.

  • JRK

    A lot.


  • smiddy

    Thanks allanv,

    Of course I wouldn`t think of that being a senior,so taking your advise,by my caculations I would say since it`s inception 9 yrs ago ? Their have been more than 14240 members registered, from all over the world ,of course some have moved on and no longer post,but HEY I`M IMPRESSED I didn`t think their was that many.If anybody would like to verify my figures or dispute them by all means feel free to do so


  • AudeSapere

    Repost the question under the topic of either "Technical Assistance" or "Forum Suggestions" to get Simon's attention. I'm sure he has the figures - along with number of active users.

    Being a family man with 2 boys, he obviously does not have time to read every post, but I think he and his wife monitor those two sections fairly regularly.

    It's fun to know stats like that.

    Then again, sometimes a little effort in searching can turn up the info we are looking for:


  • smiddy

    Thank`s Aude

    I looked up your link and it seems my figures are pretty accurate

    How I got my numbers was to click on the members A-Z saw their was 20 listed per page then x the number of pages per letter,and that seemed to coincide with what Simon posted


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