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  • mamamo

    My father's memorial service was tonight at a KH. I disassociated myself 20 years ago. I figured no one would talk to me except anyone who wasn't a JW. Some of my mother's family, my sister's brother-in-law all non-JW, yeah but lots of the JWs who knew I had left talked to me. Have things changed? I was baptized before I left but did quit by disassociating myself before I did anything to get disfellowshipped for. Maybe because a couple of friends wnet with me?

    And before anyone starts sending their condolences, please don't. Yes, he was one of those abusive fathers and husbands.

  • Gayle

    I went some months ago with a disfellowshipped gal friend to a funeral talk for her cousin at the KH. I left many years ago and never attended that specific Hall back then anyway. I didn't want her to go alone if no one would talk to her there. My husband & I went with her. Several people came up to talk with her, inactive JW relatives, one relative now studying and her immediate sisters who have shunned her many years. She said, though, since, no one has talked with her again. Maybe they thought my husband & I were potential Bible Studies?

  • EmptyInside

    Hello and Welcome! I've noticed many Witnesses will talk to disfellowshipped/disassociated ones at a funeral,especially if it their relative who has passed. I personally thought it appropriate to express my sympathy to all family members no matter what their status as regards to the religion. This has been the case in my former congregation anyway.

    Plus,you may have been away for so long,most probably are unsure of your situation.

  • mamamo


    No, the ones who talked to me knew exactly who I am and the circumstances. I think it might have been because of my father dying and having nonbelievers with me. I did move an hour away 10 years ago, so I don't see all of them most of the time

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Funerals would be considered essential family business, so there is no requirement to behave badly.

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