Why did God create seasons Gen.1;14

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  • jam

  • jam

    Gen.1;14 Can we agree this verse is literal , creation of day, night and seasons.

    Now correct me if I am wrong, seasons winter , fall, spring and summer. So in

    Eden Adam and Eve live in the mist of changing weather and protected from

    the elements. Did God have A back up plan, in case Adam and Eve screw up

    he could kick them out into the elements. I am sure someone will say, well

    we do not know what the weather was like then, ok what,s the point of

    creating seasons if winter temperture is the same as summer.

    After they was kick out, they had to discover fire fast, thier outfits (fig clothing)

    would have not kept them warm at nite.

  • Heaven

    So The Byrds could make this awesome song:


  • factfinder

    I believed as a witness that there would be no EXTREMES in the temperature so the seasons would all be comfortable!

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