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  • blondie

    Listening to the author on public radio....getting book this weekend.

    Jason Fried

    This book will make you uncomfortable.

    Depending on what you do all day, it might make you extremely uncomfortable.

    That's a very good thing, because you deserve it. We all do.

    Jason and David have broken all the rules and won. Again and again they've demonstrated that the regular way isn't necessarily the right way. They just don't say it, they do it. And they do it better than just about anyone has any right to expect.

    This book is short, fast, sharp and ready to make a difference. It takes no prisoners, spares no quarter, and gives you no place to hide, all at the same time.

    There, my review is almost as long as the first chapter of the book. I can't imagine what possible excuse you can dream up for not buying this book for every single person you work with, right now.

    Stop reading the review. Buy the book.--Seth Godin

  • blondie

    The video at is very to the point.

  • brotherdan

    I just read the free excerpt. They are SO right! I like their stance against office meetings. They say that there is always at least one moron that gets their turn to waste everyones time. That happens in EVERY one of my meetings.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Seems to make sense. I work from home on Monday and Friday. Those are the days I get the most done.

  • Simon

    This is a GREAT book and they have got everything spot-on. I see the same things being done wrong every place I go (more so at big companies) and they have good advice on how to focus on what matters and get things released.

    I'll try and find the link but I read a very interesting blog where they'd increased productivity by something like 40% by just banning meetings. Not outright, but planning a 7 minute meeting was better than planning an hours meeting because they always expanded to fill the time.

    The guy questioned why he needed meetings one day when he was snowed in and got everything done for the day by phone in a couple of hours instead of the solid-day of meetings he had planned.

    Ah, found the link so you can read it yourself - I think I paraphrased things correctly from memory!

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