Classic, Drug Smugglers built a catapult, to toss drug packages across the border into the Arizona desert.

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  • miseryloveselders

    NACO, Ariz. — Drug smugglers used a catapult to fire contraband over the border between Mexico and Arizona, authorities said Wednesday.

    National Guard troops operating a remote video surveillance system on Friday evening saw several people using the device beside a border fence near the town of Naco, and Border Patrol agents contacted Mexican authorities, NBC station KVOA of Tucson reported, citing U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    "I have not seen anything like that in my time before as a Border Patrol agent ... although we are trained to handle any kind of a threat that comes over that border," Tucson sector Border Patrol spokesman David Jimarez told Reuters.

    The Mexican government declared war against drug smugglers in 2006, and the resulting conflict has left more than 30,000 people dead.

    The crackdown has pushed smugglers into ever-more daring and ingenious attempts to move drugs into the United States.

    One technique involves the use of specially designed trucks with ramps built in the back and front. These trucks pull up next to the barbed-wire border fence and lower one of the ramps over to the U.S. side, while the other ramp slides down the back of the vehicle. Smugglers in SUVs loaded with drugs then drive across these mobile truck-bridges into Arizona without ever touching the fence.

    This is too funny to me.

  • brotherdan

    Hey...I guess you gotta admire their persistance and innovation...

  • anewme

    I think all the illegal drugs are bad for America. What is behind all of this illegal activity is organized crime, an underworld so big and so rich, it has taken over governments and is bent on taking over the world.

  • Satanus

    The solution is to legalize a few of the drug. Let legitimate business and govt make the money, instead of the underworld.


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