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  • therevealer

    The main reason for the constant push to engage in the field service is because of the scriptural command. The reason for a field service report is so that the work can be accomplished in an organized manner. If this were in any way true then what is the reason for reducing the minimum report to 15 minutes for the elderly. Does that not make it seem more like the report being for the purpose of control? Also of course since they base their number of adherents on the report it would help a bit there as well. But for me it just emphasises the constant push for preaching and door to door in particular in spite of the total failure regarding the purpose they claim suggests an ulterior motive. Control is one thing that is accomplished. Are there others?

  • baltar447

    Without it, despite the non-mainstream beliefs of JWs, they would lose their exclusivity on being God's "chosen people."

  • peacefulpete

    Well the number of publishers went up I imagine.

  • therevealer

    And baltar447 I think that is probably the biggest consideration.

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