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  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    Hello friends,

    It has recently occurred to me the awesome responsibility of the seventeen or eighteen members of the governing body have for the lives of the six million active members of the Jehovah's Witnesses community plus interested persons and how easily they determine peoples lives and deaths with their ill thought out Biblical reasoning, I wonder has any body ever sued them because of wrong advise! I would be interested if any body knows of a legal example of this taking place!

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Welcome to the board.

    And Welcome to 2011 - only around 7 GB members now - hasn't been 17 since the 70s/80s.

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    Hello again,

    Sorry about the factual error, got the GB numbers from the COC book, been away from the JW's for about three years now never got baptised but been associated since I was 8yrs old, now 41 cannot get the GB thoughts of armaggedon out of my mind at present and is destroying my university study as is it worth doing, need some inspiration that the big A is not going to happen!

  • Ding

    I don't know if lawsuits have been filed over advice, but they wouldn't be likely to succeed in the US because the WT advice is based on religious grounds and courts try to steer clear of deciding religious issues.

    For example, a lawsuit over bad medical advice regarding blood transfusions would have a chance of succeeding, whereas a lawsuit over directions not to take blood because "Jehovah's law forbids it" wouldn't go anywhere.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    The more you study at the university, the more you will realize that the Big A isn't coming. Keep it up. Remember this - the impressions that the watchtower made on you when you were so young were strong cult-oriented indocrtination methods. They were designed to instill fear into your impressionable mind.

    The WT's deep unspoken hope is that you will give them a little time out of your day - all throughout your life - until one day -you're an old man or woman.

    Even just a passing thought, makes them think they had a viable meaning to you. But the irony is, most of the world still has never heard of JWs nor the Watchtower. They've got claim to the most published magazine and one of the most published books in the world (the truth book), yet travel to the middle east or India and many other parts of Asia (China anyone?) and even South America - you'll be lucky to run into anyone that has any idea of this 'Made in America' Christian sect.

    You can take heart by looking though these forums for a bit. There are many that have came here and moved on. If JW related thoughts come up in their mind, it's very rare. And even many more that have truly moved on, without ever even coming here. So don't let the WT waste your precious study time at school. Go on - make yourself into a more educated individual that creates a great happy life for yourself. That will damage the WT more than any lawsuit. Because they say leaving them will only result in a wretched, hopeless life. No matter how young or old you are now. Every day, from here on out, is a chance to prove them wrong.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Actually you're ahead of many of us. The fact that you thought there were still 17 GB members and 6 million JWs - shows how out of touch you are. A JW might laugh at you, maybe even call you out like I did. But really, they'd be pissed - that someone who was shown the "the truth" at such a young age, never bothered to keep up with their precious org - it shows of how little they mean in your life.

    I'm actually a bit jealous - I wish I was out of touch like you. I've been inactive for a not too long, but not totally brand new either.

    Ah The dream! -to one day not know how many GB members there are - or even who they are - or how many pubs there are -

    Ah the dream! to one day - really, really, deep inside myself, from the bottom of my heart, to really say and mean it, that I just don't give a damn.

    Some day. Some day soon I hope.

  • Vidiot

    Star tiger - "...cannot get the GB thoughts of armaggedon out of my mind at present..."

    Stay in school, dude.

    The more I learned about climate change, Peak Oil, unsustainable population growth, and dwindling resources, the more I realized that if the Earth ever experienced a "real" apocalypse, the WTS wouldn't have a prayer (no pun intended).

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