The Mormon Girl and I: A poem

by WhatAboutWatson 0 Replies latest social relationships

  • WhatAboutWatson

    Once upon a time, a couple months ago

    There was this girl, Mormon, who I wanted to get to know

    So, what I did was, make eye contact but not actually speak

    To some men, this method is considered weak.

    It took a while and we eventually spoke,

    it was swell! it was grand! I let it soak in and I thought to myself

    Wow, I think we might have something.

    Until I did my research and I realized,

    she was a burnt muffin

    and discovered, we're polar opposites.

    I curse

    I have tattoos

    I listen to Sage Francis

    There's no way I could around this new trouble

    So I stopped talking to her

    which actually led to a more social her around the land

    unfortauntely due to me being completely terrified

    I decided

    I could not be her man.

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