Since Jesus Christ, the head of the congregation, is alive, does he need successors?

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  • brotherdan

    I was looking up something for a different post in the reasoning book, and came across this question. Doesn't this put a pretty major problem in their Faithful and Discreet Slave class argument? Notice how they answer the above question and what scriptures they use.

    Heb. 7:23-25, JB: “Then there used to be a great number of those other priests [in Israel], because death put an end to each one of them; but this one [Jesus Christ], because he remains for ever, can never lose his priesthood. It follows, then, that his power to save is utterly certain, since he is living for ever to intercede for all who come to God through him.”

    Rom. 6:9, JB: “Christ, as we know, having been raised from the dead will never die again.”

    Eph. 5:23, JB: “Christ is head of the Church.”

    For years I've wondered about the scripture that says the head of a man is Christ. It does not say the head of a man is the congregation or church. We don't have to answer to humans, we have to answer to Christ Himself.

    I don't know. It seemed pretty profound to me that the Watchtower would persue this line of reasoning but stop short of applying it to themselves.

  • snowbird

    Once upon a time, while I was still in, I was reading Acts chapter 9 in a red-letter Bible.

    When Jesus of Nazareth called out to Ananias and instructed him to find Paul and open Paul's eyes, MY eyes were opened!

    JESUS CHRIST is very much alive and it is HE who is in control!


  • jay88

    This 'Church' consisted of his anointed followers who communicated with him directly(FDS). It wasn't written for you.

    According, to the WTBTS.

  • brotherdan

    That's right, jay88. I forgot that twist that they put in there. That's the way they get around most scriptures they don't like. Like 1John 5:1.

  • WTWizard

    And why do we need to be ambassadors to Jesus if he was still alive? If I was in the position Jesus claims to be in, I would have corrected the organization immediately--when they claim that the average publisher needs 60 hours, I would immediately tell them (right in front of the congregation) that 60 hours is unreasonable for most people. And, there would be no pioneers--or pio-sneers.

    Also, as a perfect angel with absolute authority, why not do most of the work yourself? If I was in that position, I wouldn't need people going from door to door at great personal hardship to spread a message. I could have had the Internet up and running within a year, using the same miracles that were supposedly used in Jesus' time, and get it so everyone on the planet would have open access to it. Therein, the message would pop up on their home page, with links to study. The home page would be designed to interest people, and the deeper they got into it, the more sense it would make. It would be miserably difficult for apostates to find holes in the doctrine. And, all "honest hearted" people would be able to access it quickly. People that were not interested could opt for a different home page or navigate away from that page without too much effort. The work would be done within a year, and I could have easily made the 1920 deadline for Armageddon starting from 1918.

    Now, where do you see any of those trends? Do you see miracles that do most of the preaching work themselves? (Including to remote areas where that would be the only way to reach people at all.) No. The witlesses are told that, unless they preach, the stones will. When is the last time you saw a stone (not a fake one with a speaker hidden in it) preach? When have you seen widespread examples of where people that made great sacrifices are actually taken care of? Or, do most of them end up destitute when they are 65 or so? And, what about the safety issue? Many witlesses are attacked by dogs, get into accidents, or run into other dangerous situations while preaching. If Jesus really wanted it done that way, then why doesn't he protect those people from such perils?

    So, Jehovah is testing people. Well, it's an EMERGENCY! So, why is testing people more important than getting the work done quickly? If people have to get up at 5:30 in the morning, they need to pio-sneer to finish the work, if lives are threatened, if they need to live in severe hardship, then it would make sense that Jehovah should sacrifice these tests in order to speed up the work more. I believe that the work would be done more quickly if Jehovah would quit testing people and work with them, and they were putting in 10 hours a month, than if that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag keeps insisting on testing (hence, slowing down) people and they are all putting 200 hours a month under extreme hardship.

    Certainly, this is plenty of proof that Jesus is not alive (or that Jehovah is maliciously doing all he can to keep us living under hardship, which he keeps promising to deliver us from but never does).

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