Thanks for the Warning - I'll Be Ready

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Good Morning All - I've moved this topic to FRIENDS

    First HELLO to old friends and a big welcome to all the newbies - wow - there are so many!

    Regarding the new "special pioneer arrangement for April".

    Some of us might want to up-date our "educational pkgs" and keep them handy by the front door, either in the physical or mental form.

    With all these extra callers on the streets we have more than enough time to calm ourselves and prepare. Practice deep controlled breathing to keep the heart rate regular. An empathic smile and genuine concerned questions go a long way. Can you imagine that instead of all the door slams or no thank-yous, these special aux pioneers were met with an intriging question.

    Maybe this could be the new BILLBOARD - A call to action - Be Ready for April - Try this Question - answers at this website.


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