wicked people actually "witnessing" about jehovah.

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  • man in black
    man in black

    While reading the last post about light bulb moments, i thought of something that once really impressed me as a witness.

    Every once in a while at the CA /DA / or service meeting a part would pop up about how the witnesses would run into a dissinterested person.

    Perhaps this person would yell, threaten, or just be plain mean. But the part that always was made was how if this worldly person used the name jehovah

    in their tirade this was a good thing,,,, you see ? they ACTUALLY recognized God, and us as a part of him !

    This little thing would always be at the forefront if we ran into a rude person, one certain brother would always ask, "did he mention the name jehovah"?

    as if this was a badge of honor.

    Fast forward to the present day, we as ex - jw's sometimes run into a current jw. Do you use the name "jehovah" at all when talking to them,, or perhaps

    (what I have done, with this situation in mind) and ask if they are still going door to door selling the watchtower magazine for the wtbts ?

  • moshe
    Do you use the name "jehovah" at all when talking to them,,

    NO, I would never refer to God as Jehovah.

  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    Background: I am known as an ex dub around these parts . . never DF'ed or announced from the platform because I threatened the local elders with legal action. Although I am sure the "theocraptic grapevine" got the ~werd~ out

    I still get called on when the group is in the area, about once every two years or so. I refer to him as Yaweh, the God of the Israelites. And I refer to Jesus as Our Lord Jesus . . It really irritates them. Plus I am the only house on the street that flys a big-ass flag on July 4 weekend off the pole on my porch.

    BTW, the Mennonites call much more often than the [email protected], I can actualy have a mutually enjoyable and beneficial conversation with them for 20 minutes or so. Good, hard working American folks with real values.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I wonder if they think it's great when they hit the news like this...

    ''JEHOVAH"S witness arrested for molesting children''

    Hey! They used God's name! Hooray hooray!


  • Medina

    Hey, nice point.

    I dont use any ofthe loaded language JWs use to describe their religion, in fact I always talk about ''the religion'' or the WTBS, and so on... Dont use their methods and words, it will strenghten their belief, but if you tell how it is, they will see that the words they use are but a mask to conceil what they truelly are.

  • steve2

    I claim authorship of neither of these quips about the English word "Witnesses":

    1. No human alive today has actually witnessed Jehovah at work, so how can anyone today lay claim to be a Jehovah's witness? At most, you could call yourself a "Jehovah's Gossip" - because you're basing your testimony not on what you've observed firsthand but on what others have told you. [insert laugh track here ]

    2. What exactly has Jehovah done wrong that he needs witnesses to clear his name? (as in, were there any witnesses to the crime?). [inseret second laugh track here ]

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is the overwhelming consensus that Jehovah is wrong. Their calling God does me a service. Jehovah is my Satan. I rebuke him to get behind me. God is my name for the love and grace concept formulation. YAHWEH I use as the term Jews may have used for the personal God. It confuses me though b/c I lived in NY forever. Jews won't write God. They write G-D or YHWH. I see I am what I am as God refusing to be limited by a name. YHWY or Jehovah are absurd. Why not Mordechai or Stewart? Why not a dog name? If God is transcedent and it is the main core of the religion, why would God go by a common name? I assume the surrounding tribes gods had name, like Zeus, etc. Maybe YHWH is a remnant of that.

    Jews believe God so not human that they were genuinely terrorized by the assertions regarding Jesus. I don't know.

  • steve2

    The Bible tells us there's Satan on one side and Jehovah on the other. Satan is bad; Jehovah is good. Bible stories show both are ready to use violence and blood-lust in the service of their power struggle, with humans ending up as minced meat between the toes of these two beings.

    In my audacious opinion - mere mortal that I am - the Biblical Satan and Jehovah are both monsters who are best consigned to fairy stories - although not necessarily bedtime stories for the fearful and sensitive.

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