Brooklyn, NY bus ads Campaign budget

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  • onemore

    Bring it to their doors.

    Here is the budget I got. The duration of the campaign will be 2 months.

    Thanks for contacting…..

    For your budget, the only available ad options are interior bus ads, as follows:

    1 poster inside each of 100 MTA buses for 2 months for $4,872

    1 poster inside each of 200 MTA buses for 2 months for $6,872

    Production and installation are free.

    They offer a discounted rate of almost 50% if the campaign is from a non for profit organization, and more discounts if you combine the bus ads with Billboards Ads.

    Perhaps Silentlambs or Freeminds could sponsor this campaign with our monetary contributions. I agree that the campaign should be geared towards denouncing and raising awareness of the human rights violation perpetrated by the shunning, pedophile protection and other WT policies.


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