Have your Critical Thinking skills improve since you found this site.

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  • jam

    Critical thinking clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discern hidden

    values, evaluates evidence, accomplishes action, and assesses conclusions.

    Using strong critical thinking we might evaluate an argument, for example,

    as worthy of acceptence because it is valid and base on true PREMISES.

    FLUID INTELLIGENCE; directly correlates with critical thinking skills. You

    are able to determine patters, make connections and solve new problems.

    When you improve your critical thinking skill you also improve your Fliud

    intelligence which also help increase your problem solving skills and

    deep thinking elements. All of these skills relate to one part of the

    brain, and the more you use them the easier it will be to put your

    skills to the test.

    I assume this is the reason why many on this site knows more about

    the JW religion and thier belief then the average JW.. People here think...

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I suppressed most of my thinking till I left jwdom. Now I shock myself with all the different dimensions my brain can go. It's amazing!

  • pirata

    Before I joined this site I thought critical thinking was criticizing.

    After learning about this site I discovered that it means being perceptive.

    Exposure to this site motivated me to learn about logical fallacies and other means of persuasion.

  • jam

    When I left the Borg. I discover thinking, that,s sad.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I like pirata commit...

  • wobble

    Ditto with pirata, I was moved to study Logical Fallacies, Argumentation and Discussion properly, and it opened my eyes.

    The vast number of times the WT mendaciously uses all of these, and more, is amazing. The good thing is that now my BullS**t detector is working flat out and on turbo-boost, whether I am listening to the TV or reading a newspaper or listening to one of my friends who we call Billy Bulls**t !

    I never did accept the WT's B.S anywhere near fully, right from a very tender age I smelled something very manure-like with a lot of it, but this site has helped me put labels on it, and highlighted some that I have missed.

    Truly, this site is akin to a College education, the WT's "education" I need not comment on.

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