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  • JeffT

    First, a word about the two novels I have written based, sort of, on my life as a JW. I created by own cult for the books, partially to avoid legal complications and partially because it was easier to write that way.

    The Word of God Foundation was started in 1903 and has its headquarters, “New Jerusalem” in Seattle. It’s followers are call themselves “Disciples of The Word” or more frequently just “Disciples.” They talk about being “in the Word,” as opposed to “Outsiders” or non believers.

    The Foundation believes that shortly God (always referred to as “The Lord Almighty” or “The Lord”) will destroy the Outsiders and establish a Paradise on Earth. The primary function of Disciples is to make more Disciples, so they can be saved.

    The Foundation as a long record of failed predictions regarding the coming of Armageddon, 1933, 1940, 1941 and 1997 being among the failures.

    The Foundation is led by a team of twelve Apostles, although for a long time there was only one Apostle.

    I am very nearly done with “Armageddon’s Angel” which I started writing in November for National Novel Writing month. I have described it as “The Da Vinci Code” meets “Silence of the Lambs.” It starts with the discovery of a body in a Disciple Gathering House (church). The Servants (elders) who discover the body spend forty-five minutes arguing about whether or not to call the police before doing so – after notifying the legal department at New Jerusalem.

    When the police are stymied by the attitude of the Disciples toward the investigation, they bring in an ex-Disciple as a consultant. The dead girl had been “cast-out” for sexual misconduct and the general feeling was she got what she deserved. But it becomes clear that a serial killer is at work.

    “Armageddon’s Disciples” which was written first follows the Disciples after the leadership decides that Armageddon has been delayed because the Disciples need to prove that they will do anything for The Lord in order to earn Paradise.

    Mayhem ensues.

    I’ve been sharing this with a writers group, and they seem to like it. When I first mentioned this project on this board, some one remarked that most people don’t care about witness type issues. It seems that they do if you throw in a psychotic killer and some nude pictures of an elder’s wife.

    The latter prompted a question from a member of my group: how much of this is based on real life experience? In an effort to answer that question I’m writing an essay about my life as a witness. I’d like some feed back on a couple of things – how to describe the combination of control and boredom that makes up a JW’s life.

    Are you guys interested in reading this? My problem is that the damn thing is now eleven pages long and I’m not done.

    Comments on all this welcome.

    Before anyone asks, I’ve been trying to sell “Disciples” for several years without success. I’m sending queries to agents (only AAR members). A couple of been interested, but were too busy to take on a new writer. I hope “Angel” may generate more interest. If I don’t get a taker I will probably go to sometime this year.

  • crazycate

    You write well and I enjoy good writing. I would be interested in your essay. I don't know that I could help you with it, but I bet there are others here who would be willing to take the time and offer suggestions.

  • fulltimestudent

    Why not share it ? Post it in stages.

    I guess the reason many come here is to try and gain insight into why we became members of this group of krazy krispy kristians. Your essaywill be another stone on the cairn.

  • tenyearsafter

    Hi Jeff,

    Have you considered self-publishing? If you have some type of platform to promote and market the book, it is definitely the best way to keep the lion's share of the profit and you are not controlled by the publisher. A friend of mine published his novel using Amazon's self publishing service, and prints to demand. He received an ISBN number and he was immediately able to sell through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The books don't sell themselves, but it gives you a way to go to market...especially if you can actively promote the novel. If you get some interest on your own, and don't mind giving up control and profit, publishers will often look at these efforts as "low hanging fruit" to pick up the rights.

    It certainly sounds like a book I would enjoy reading! Good luck...


  • tec
    It seems that they do if you throw in a psychotic killer and some nude pictures of an elder’s wife.

    Yeah, it has to have something that everyone can connect with - so there you go :) Armageddon's Angel is the one that I read part of then, right - not Disciple? I think Angel will great generate interest on its own - with or without a precursor, at least if the compelling opening was any indication of the rest of the novel.

    I would love to read the whole thing.

    As for the essay - it's probably really hard to separate what is extremely important to you from what would also be considered important to others, just because its so personal. Perhaps you should write it all out, then get an outsider (to the religion) to read it over for you AND someone from within to do the same - just to get a balanced opinion.


  • tec

    Oh... also there is a breakout novel contest on Amazon right now. I don't know the details, but you might want to check it out.

  • Giordano

    11 plus pages isn't a problem

    Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short. Henry David Thoreau
  • BurnTheShips

    Hey Jeff, if you get published, I'd love to buy a copy.


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