Witness prophecy is pretty jacked up when you think about it

by sabastious 0 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sabastious

    God understands everything in the universe exactly and without error... why would he choose prophecy as a means of communication to his sentient creations?

    I don't question it's efficiency as a means of communication, I question it's relevence! It doesn't even make any sense to me.

    God better not fortell anything bad. If he does that then that guarentees someone being forced to act that out because he cannot lie... that sounds like a curse to me... think if everything you ever said happened in it's entirity? Maybe that's why this world is so jacked up.

    The fact that God chooses prophecy as a means to do anything robs his creation of free will does it not? He cannot rightly say we have free will if there are mystic prophecies changing events for it's fancy!


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