Is this what the UFO tin foil hat brigade are on about blindsighting religion?

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    Aussie Oz

    In light of that thread about can we SEE the blind sight comming to religion etc, aliens, tin foil hats etc is this what got them all going?

    i noticed this in last weeks Advertiser (adelaide Newspaper)

    No Aliens but NASA still looking

    Eryn Brown, Los Angeles.

    After days of rampant speculation that NASA was on the cusp of revealing it had detected extra terrestrial life, the reality was slightly more down to earth.

    A team of scientists revealed on thursday that they had found a remarkable quality in a bacterium growing quietly in California's Mono Lake - It is the only known life form known to subsist on the deadly elemnt arsenic. The organism even uses arsenic to build the backbone of its DNA.

    Felisa Wolfe-simon, the biochemist who identified the creature, said: "the mere fact that an organism can grow with this much arsenic, that's outrageous." Researchers said the finding, published online on Thursday in the journal Science, had forced them to reconsider what they ought to be looking for as they hunted for signs of life beyond earth.

    "This opens our eyes that more things are possible - that life can do more things than we thought," said Bruce Runnegar, a former directoer of NSA's astoboilogy institute.

    That was the point NASA wanted to make when it announced on Monday that it would hold a press conference later in the week about an "astro biology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterestrial life."

    Those words were enough to fuel rumours.

    By Thursday morning, was offering odds on what NASA had found, including discovery of life on Mars, and images of alien spacecraft.

    "I don't know about aliens," sais Ms Wolfe-Simon, who found the hubbub irritating. "All i can say is the real stuff is cool."

    is this what foodall is on about? because if it is, me thinks he got suckered in too...

    i mean, a microbe that can live in arsenic... ok... i see the watchtower crumbling!


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